After the Fact: The sweet smell of success

“Blue Waltz” was a high dollar perfume, displayed in a heart-shaped bottle and sold in fine stores everywhere.

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Valley Gardening: Plant flags in Centennial Park

I moved to the Valley in July 1973 from Luverne, MN. What I missed most that first summer was the thunderstorms that used to roll through the Midwest. And now, I am missing the snowstorms!

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Still Waters: Hug a bowl of popcorn

National Popcorn Day is today (January 19), and the 32nd Annual National Hugging Day is Sunday, January 21. I’m in.

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Amarah's Corner: Amarah shares emotions, message for 'Sarah'

Hey, kids like me, I thought I would talk about emotions today because that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.

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Native Writes: Power in unity

I attended a meeting this week which awakened my belief that people united hold immense power.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Colorado comes out on 'Top Chef'

I love cooking shows. I love Colorado. So when I heard that Colorado was going to be the location of season 15 of “Top Chef” I was extremely excited and intrigued.

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Guest Opinion: A productive year ahead

It is an honor to represent the people of Colorado’s Third Congressional District, and with the second session of the 115th Congress underway I am focused on continuing to advance legislation to build economic opportunities for hardworking Colorado families, protect our nation’s public lands, and guarantee safe and healthy communities.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: No Spanish land grants here

Let’s try repeating this statement 10 times, just to help remember it. There were no Spanish land grants in the San Luis Valley.

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After the Fact: Breakfast of champions

Oatmeal is still not high on my list of favorite breakfast foods, regardless how healthy if’s supposed to be.

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Valley Gardening: Fishing weather?

And…it continues to be dry….and pretty dang warm!

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Still Waters: Thank you for the music

Last year my brother-in-law Kevin asked if I would be interested in a musical instrument.

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Native Writes: The ‘50s weren’t that bad

I was recently asked if I would like to return to the 1950s.

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Amarah's Corner: Grown-up ‘kid like me’, Delia, shares her story: Part 2

Delia. Part 2 What I swore for years that I would never do - I ended up doing. Heroin destroyed my life growing up and there I was putting my kids through the same thing my mom put me through.

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Alamosa Flowers: Winter watering decisions

What crazy winter-weather conditions! Last year we had record snowfalls on two days during the first week of January.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Pray for snow

It’s 10 days into 2018 and I have yet to go skiing.

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Land, Water and People: The health benefits of nature

I count myself lucky to have grown up in rural southern New Hampshire. Our house sat on a small one and a half acre lot next to a northern hardwood forest.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Roof over their heads

For more than 30 years La Puente Home has been offering a roof and food for people who needed them desperately.

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After the Fact: Wedding bells

By the time we were in our 40’s, my friend Sarah had been married seven times.

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Valley Gardening: In dry winter it's OK to water a little

Wow…where did 2017 go? And where in the heck is winter? Next Tuesday it is supposed to be 54 degrees and the following Tuesday it is supposed to be 54 degrees!

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Still Waters: Bailey for Christmas

He was the first Christmas present of the weekend, which we were celebrating a week late with my family.

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Being Beautiful: Remember the lessons of history in 2018

With the New Year’s Eve Champagne barely behind us, 2018 unfolds full of promise and challenge.

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Amarah's Corner: Grown-up ‘kid like me,’ Delia, shares her story: Part 1

Hey, kids like me! I’m happy to tell you we were able to help about 140 kids like me in the San Luis Valley (SLV) have a better Christmas, 2017.

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Native Writes: Changing the unremarkable

The new year had a slow start for me. I managed to stay awake until midnight and was glad I did. Neil Diamond led a huge crowd singing “Sweet Caroline” and that led to sweet dreams.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: We are what they grow beyond

It took 34 years to move away from the colossal shadow of the original “Star Wars” trilogy.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Efficient weight loss

If we lived in Southeast Asia, Africa, or many other places, we would not have to make the nation’s No. 1 Resolution on January 1 to lose weight, as we do here. There, many people stay trim by starving to death.

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Valley Gardening: I am thankful for …

As we end this year, I have to be thankful!

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After the Fact: Another New Year’s Eve

It’s been eons since I stayed up on a New Year’s eve long enough to watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square.

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Still Waters: People who touched my life in 2017

While the nation had no lack of national chaos and scandal in 2017, we plunged and plodded through our ordinary lives in this high mountain valley.

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Amarah's Corner: Amarah shares special column from 2017

Today’s column is the last one for the year, 2017, and I want to re-share a special column that spoke volumes to me from July of this year.

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Native Writes: Entering 2018 as an old woman

When I was 18, I couldn’t imagine going into the year 2018 or 2000, for that matter.

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Land, Water and People: Icescapes abound when there is little snow

It’s mid-December as I write this and the snowpack is a bit on the light side.

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Alamosa Flowers: Berries for wildlife

Happy New Year! It seems we have a lot of birds in Alamosa this winter.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: An ode to the internet

Earlier this month the Federal Communications Commission voted to strip away protections preventing broadband providers from throttling, blocking or otherwise restricting websites and content.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Read a great book

I have just read a fascinating new book about wolves that is sure to be popular among many of the Valley’s recreational enthusiasts, environmentalists, biology students, farmers and rancher, and wildlife managers.

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Being Beautiful: Remembering screen doors left unlatched

It’s hot as Hades in Mississippi and that’s even in the shade with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade.

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Native Writes: Saving the memories

Talking with an old friend recently, I was reminded of the many unique places in our San Luis Valley and I had to admit I have probably been to most of them, but revisited few.

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Amarah's Corner: Poem shared about heroin addiction

Hey kids like me, I found this story about the heartbreaking reality of addiction and wanted to share it with you, today. It says everything:

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Alamosa Trees: Trees and shrubs for birds

“A common thread that runs through the fabric of America is our love for wildlife,” according to the Arbor Day Foundation (ADF).

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Comics have a universe problem

Though I haven’t seen it yet, the critical consensus of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is that it’s another blockbuster for Marvel.

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Letter to the editor: Ice cream truck runs over dog twice and keeps going

Sunday, July 11, around 7 p.m. our beloved Shitzu dog, Oscar, slipped out of the back yard and wandered a half a block down First Street and onto State Street where he was struck twice by the Alamosa ice cream truck.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Fish stories

When hordes of miners and new towns appeared in Colorado Territory, the supply of native fish quickly diminished because of fouling and diverting water for prospecting and mining, town building, farming, dynamiting fish out of pools and many other events

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Valley Gardening: Pizza and Portulaca

Everything is better in the neighborhood! I’m not feeling so stupid this week for leaving a door open and being robbed on the Fourth of July.

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After the Fact: Climbing the ladder

“Only 32 percent of adult employees in the U.S. are motivated at and interested in their jobs.”

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Still Waters: Like a secret language

Someone sitting next to me in a meeting might look over at my shorthand notes and make a comment like, “My grandmother used to do that. I haven’t seen that in years.”

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Being Beautiful: Where have all the dragons gone?

It’s hard to argue with a fire-breathing dragon.

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K.C. at Bat: Gaining a sixth daughter

And then there were six.

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Amarah's Corner: Son of alcoholic shares his story

My friend, Jerry Moe, National Director of Children’s Programs at the Betty Ford Center, a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, says:

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Native Writes: The Congressional soap opera

It would be nice if one could declare everything he or she didn’t like “false” and have it be so.

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Land, Water and People: July is peak wildflower month in the high country

I was met with a rainbow of colors as soon as I stepped onto the trail leading to Hunters Lake.

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Gieger's Culture Counter: When four wheels beats two legs

I’ve never been a car guy. However, it’s hard to deny the thrill of recreating a Jeep commercial by blasting Cat Stevens while driving over Stony Pass towards Silverton.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: D&RGW

Ahead for the valiant “Baby Road,” as it was popularly called, lay receiverships and bankruptcies during the half century after its arrival at Alamosa in 1878.

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Valley Gardening: Better to wilt than rot

Life is good in the neighborhood—kind of! I did something pretty stupid on the Fourth of July.

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After the Fact: Bullwinkle

After a not-exceedingly pleasant experience with a man out of his element in the floral department at a local grocery store, my daughter asked, “What has happened to common courtesy?”

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Still Waters: Vacationing at home

Last weekend was a mini vacation for me with two of my best friends, my older sister Beth and her husband Kevin, who has been part of our family for probably four decades now, even before they got married.

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Being Beautiful: Equal parts sugar and patience, a winning recipe

Summer and homemade ice cream seem to go perfectly together.

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Native Writes: The warfare on our minds is winning

Whenever someone declares that it was difficult to celebrate Independence Day this year because of real and perceived threats to our nation, I remember people in our country who still aren’t independent.

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Amarah's Corner: A teacher’s point of view

Hey kids like me! I’m sharing a letter today from a retired music teacher who knows what she’s talking about! One of my goals is to stop kids from being kicked out of band/music/sports in school because, “their grades aren’t good enough,” especially if th

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Alamosa Flowers: Water smart shrubs and trees

Two weeks ago I addressed some challenges of creating a sustainable landscape in Alamosa while reducing water consumption and maintenance costs.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Fourth of July, 1878

When the first train officially crossed the Rio Grande River into Alamosa on the Fourth of July, the new town was ready.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Ten years of tapping, pinching, swiping

Last week was the 10th anniversary of Apple’ iPhone. The 3.5-inch multi-touch screen changed the world of mobile phones and the way we communicate forever.

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Guest Opinion: Famous song takes on new meaning

Linda Morrison had the kind of son of which any mother would be proud.

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Valley Gardening: The sodful truth

As I write, the clouds have rolled in, and it feels wonderful You would think coming from Minnesota I would have coping skills for the heat but I don’t.

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After the Fact: It seemed like a good idea

One of our neighbors, a gentleman well over 6’ tall, donned a hot pink terrycloth rabbit costume for the country club’s Easter party and egg hunt.

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Still Waters: Don’t take Fido to the fireworks

I love fireworks. There’s something magical about the sparkling colors in the sky at fireworks shows like our local display at the fairgrounds.

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Being Beautiful: Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now

I awoke this morning to the unmistakable aroma of sausage frying.

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Native Writes: Redesigning Ken and Barbie

Thinking about last week’s column on Mattel’s Ken and Barbie, I wondered why the pair must forever be young and never age, so I began my own design line.

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Amarah's Corner: Amarah offers free Bible correspondence course

Did you know Jesus told us to, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15, KJV)? You may be thinking, “But, I’m just a kid!” Well, I’m a kid, too, but I found a way to do it! (Thank you, Brother Erwin)!

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Geiger's Culture Counter: A tale of two seasons

Media doesn’t exist in a context-less vacuum and the television show “Queen Sugar,” based on Natalie Baszile’s 2014 book of the same name, is no different.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: D&RG to the mines

When mines began to open in the San Juan Mountains, the narrow-gauge Denver & Rio Grande Railway was between a rock and a hard place.

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Valley Gardening: Special brew helps plants survive summer

It is so dang hot! My favorite part of the last few days is when the clouds cover the sun—even if only for a few minutes.

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After the Fact: Gourmet dining

We are all guilty, at one time or another, of saying (or writing) something really stupid, foot-in-mouth events that we live to regret.

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Movin' On with Nellie: Two poems about Alzheimer’s

In recognition of June as Alzheimer’s Month, I share two poems

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Still Waters: A ‘forever stamp’ to hold on to

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a postage stamp before and not this excited about the official release of anything since the Sand Dunes quarter.

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Being Beautiful: Roll over, Beethoven

There are not many things that stir the soul quite like hearing the one you love play familiar gospel hymns on his new (well, actually used and very old) baby grand piano

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Native Writes: The changing complexion of play

Today’s Associated Press reports the effort by Mattel toy maker to redesign Barbie’s 56-year-old “boyfriend,” Ken.

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Amarah's Corner: Father shares heartbreaking story

Hey kids like me! Today, I’m sharing a heartfelt letter from a dear grandfather:

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Alamosa Flowers: The challenge of a beautiful yard in the heat

The last two weeks of June and the first three weeks of July tend to be the hottest days in Alamosa.

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Know when to quit

Whenever I watch a new show I give it three episodes to hook me. A show’s pilot is designed to be engaging so I give it two more chances to see if the momentum can keep up

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Guest Opinion: Creating an all-of-the-above energy future

For too long, the U.S. has operated with no comprehensive plan for meeting the inevitable increased demand for energy created by both traditional and renewable resources.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Honoring San Luis

The name of the San Luis Valley and Colorado’s first permanent plaza might seem to be a puzzler.

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From a mom: Lessons for my best friend

An ultrasound a little over 10 years ago wasn’t enough to convince me that I would finally have a little girl sidekick.

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Valley Gardening: Grasshoppers and columnist jump all over the place

Man…it’s hot in the neighborhood! Years and years ago Mickey Widhalm and I would place bets on how hot it was going to be during the summer.

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After the Fact: Dear ol’ dad

“Unit comes complete with 473 screws and (snickering in the background) 471 nuts.” Have you ever tried to assemble one of those prefabricated pieces of furniture they sell at WalMart?

249     0

Getting lost and getting found through friendship

I have always heard that friends are the family you choose. Virginia Woolf said it best: “Some people go to priests, others to poetry, I to my friends.”

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Daddy, the fix it man

Even though my daddy is now well into his 80’s with some vision and hearing issues, he still is a pretty good handyman.

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Land, Water & People: Remembering the Million Fire

June 19th will mark the 15th anniversary of the start of the Million Fire near South Fork.

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Native Writes: Tourists in your own hometown

It’s amazing how a couple of little things can change one’s perspective on the moment at hand.

218     0

Amarah's Corner: Music makes the soul happier, brain stronger

Hey kids like me! I want to share an awesome note I received about something that means a whole lot to me:

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Geiger's Culture Counter: Summer beers to sip

With the train for Rails and Ales pulling out of the station this weekend now is the perfect time to ready one’s taste buds to sip glasses of sudsy beer.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Honoring San Juan

In the San Luis Valley, we have few place names honoring San Juan, whether the mountains or the saint.

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Valley Gardening: Gardening … and other advice

All is good in the neighborhood! Peyton Sanchez, and his family, and his customers raised over $2,000 for the Jerry Reed Scholarship Fund. Way to go Peyton—I am guessing that you slept really well for the past week.

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Movin' On with Nellie: The missing shoes: An Alzheimer’s story

(In recognition of June as Alzheimer’s Month, I write this story.) Aunt Leona was 79 years old when she became 3 again.

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After the Fact: Singing in the shower

While my mom was a fan of all things cultural (and a really good artist who gave up what could have been a fabulous career in favor of raising a whole bunch of wild street urchins, otherwise known as my brothers and sisters), dad couldn’t tell a Picasso f

252     0

Tips and drips from an interior decorating dropout

I doubt HGTV will be giving me my own home improvement show anytime soon, unless it would be for comic relief.

247     0

Even mama's boys should remember dad now and then

Most folks who know me would declare I am always five or ten minutes late. I have heard it said that I will probably be late for my own funeral, but if so, at least that day, I won’t get fussed at about it.

234     0

Kids Like Me: Columnist celebrates one year anniversary, thankful for answered prayers

It wasn’t that long ago when my whole world was darkness with no light at all except the hope I had that my grandma would find me and my baby sister Ava and take us home with her.

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Native Writes: The real deal

Whatever happened to the good old belly laugh? You know, the one that brings tears to the eyes?

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Alamosa Flowers: Roots are the problem and nyctinasty

Increasingly I have perennials (plants that live for more than two years) and shrubs (a woody plant smaller than a tree, usually having multiple permanent stems branching from or near the ground) in my flower beds.

239     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: It’s time to join the clone club

This weekend the fifth and final season of “Orphan Black” premieres on BBC America.

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Rabbitbrush Rambler: Off to summer camp

Campfires and singing “Down in the Valley,” story time, awards ceremonies, marshmallows on sticks, poison ivy — anyone who ever attended a summer camp will have indelible memories.

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After the Fact: Liar, liar, pants on fire

Telling lies used to be cause for some pretty serious punishment.

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Movin' On with Nellie: Erik Mestas is a stucco artisan

Valley born and raised, Erik Mestas is an artisan of grand standards and his medium is stucco.

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Valley Gardening: Lemonade and ‘Butters’

As I write, it is Friday late afternoon, and the rain is coming down! This is all so wonderful…unless you are down in Cole Park for the Summerfest on the Ri

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Still Waters: Go outside and play

No one can legitimately complain that there’s nothing to do in the San Luis Valley, especially in the summertime.

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Being Beautiful: All dolled up and everywhere to go

If you squinch your eyes just a little, open your imagination as far as it will go, and add a sprinkle of pixie dust if you have it handy, it’s not that hard to make them “real.”

266     0

Native Writes: Accidents present a puzzle

There have been a number of bad vehicle accidents on our roads recently and the dinner table conversation surrounded the question: Why?

274     0

Amarah's Corner: True stories of hope shared

Corliss Taylor-Dunn is back this week and shares two true stories of the lives of children who successfully came out on top in spite of rough beginnings.

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'Master of None' is the show of my generation

If you read a random selection of headlines it looks like us millennials are the scourge of the earth. We’re killing malls, grocery stores, restaurants, vacations, the diamond industry and we can’t buy houses because of our avocado toast fetish. We’re bei

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Land, Water and People: Summer is when the magic happens

Managing the 1.8 million acre Rio Grande National Forest is a monumental task. Hundreds of thousands of people visit every year using the Forest’s campgrounds, picnic areas, restrooms, fishing docks, parking areas, and extensive road and trail system.

274     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Smoke gets in your eyes

Full disclosure: I have never tried marijuana, so I cannot testify personally about the weed’s effects on relaxation, pain, or detachment from reality.

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Valley Gardening: Just do it!

Life is good in the neighborhood! Peyton and Landon Sanchez, with their dad Charlie in tow, came by for lunch yesterday. What a wonderful family!

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After the Fact: Will you still need me when I’m 64?

Our high school yearbook, with photos that would do a passport proud, featured a print version of the angst-worn teenage popularity contest.

325     0

Still Waters: Moments of sacrifice

It was only one battle but a decisive one.

323     0

Being Beautiful: A Kodak moment shared with my Daddy

I wished that moment would last forever.

325     0

Amarah's Corner: Part 2: One mom to another

This week we have Part 2 of the thoughts and feelings of a young mother regarding the fate of her friend who was recently arrested on drug charges:

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Native Writes: Three generations of Maroons

The end of May is a time of new beginnings. Baby calves cry for their mothers while older calves head for new homes, bird eggs develop life in nests and children excitedly pass to a higher grade, some in brand new schools.

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Alamosa Flowers: Time to divide – perennials that is

It’s time to divide some garden perennials.

311     0

Geiger's Cultuer Counter: Duality of HBO

Sundays are historically the best night in television.

319     0

K.C. at Bat: I fish, therefore I am

Great friends don’t grow on trees. And yet, like a tree, if you don’t nurture friendships they won’t grow. I’ve only known a few friendships like that as most of us probably have.

334     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Happy days, sad days

We need holidays and vacations to help us refresh and get through the realities of life that await around the next corner, so it’s little wonder that next weekend will bring an outburst of relaxation and summer fun.

336     0

After the Fact: Believe it or not

In that I will believe anything that agrees with what I already believe, I am no different than the next dozen people you’ll meet.

359     0

Being Beautiful: With all due respect to cats and hamsters, dogs rule at my house

I remember the days leading up to when she would be ours. We said a hundred names aloud to try them out in full sentences. "Mildred, welcome to your new home." "Good girl, Mabel. Good girl." "Loretta wants a treat?"

328     0

Still Waters: To the mattresses!

No, I don’t plan on going to war with the mafia, but I did “go to the mattresses” in a more literal sense this week.

376     0

Amarah's Corner: Part 1: One mom to another

This week we have Part 1 of the thoughts and feelings of a young mother regarding the fate of her friend who was recently arrested on drug charges:

367     0

Valley Gardening: Roll the dice and plant anyway

The weather this week certainly explains why I call gardening and farming, legalized gambling! I even had to move a few of my flowers at the store inside—not all of them, but things like Coleus, Impatiens, Portulaca and some of the herbs, like Basil.

355     0

Native Writes: My rebellion for the day

From time to time, I have entertained the idea of running for office. My inner “critters” have held their own “roast” each time.

365     0

Land, Water and People: Hard Tread: The impacts of illegal mountain bike trails

My first mountain bike was tank heavy, but my favorite means of traversing the vales of the Yampa Valley. Since that time I have bounced (and sometimes crashed) down miles of back road and single track

357     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: The Olympics of singing

Every May the world witnesses something great. I’m not talking about epic season finales, the coming of a beautiful summer, or hardworking students graduating. I’m talking about the international reality phenomenon Eurovision, aka the Olympics of singing.

359     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Celebrating National Egg Month

Some people may have a hard time deciding whether they want scrambles, once-over-lightlies, soft-boils, hard-boils, omelets, whatever.

391     0

After the Fact: Happy Mothers’ Day

Mothers. We all have one.

427     0

Valley Gardening: Always a good time to sow seeds of kindness

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! My mom passed away seven years ago, (right after Mother’s Day) and I miss her every day.

387     0

Movin' On with Nellie: Mom

We posed for the formal photograph when I was in third grade.

418     0

Still Waters: Because of her

My mother raised four children, three daughters and a son. The three sisters have always been close and supportive of each other.

423     0

Being Beautiful: Musings on bridges built with love by women forged of steel

My mind is saturated with unforgettable mothers, I suppose because Mother’s Day marks our calendars once again.

373     0

Native Writes: Remembering mom

As we look forward to Sunday, Mother’s Day, thoughts turn to the women who have been responsible for populating the planet. Even test tube babies need mothers.

423     0

Amarah's Corner: Doctor shares effects of alcohol, opiates on babies

Hey kids like me, Dr. Svetlana Bresnitz is back today with very important information about the harmful effects of alcohol and opiates on babies when a pregnant mom drinks alcohol and or uses opiates.

407     0

Alamosa Flowers: Spring blooms and plants for birds

Taking a deep breath in the garden I smell rain and the scent of spring flowers.

425     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: ‘The Dark Tower’ doesn’t excite

I’ve spent the last few weeks glued to Youtube watching a variety of trailers on my computer.

416     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Conservation on a landscape scale

Contrary to what we might suppose from reading gossip magazines and political news, there really are some wealthy people who value things such as science and the environment.

410     0

Guest Opinion: Legislation will help rural hospitals

As the 2017 session winds down it appears that Colorado lawmakers are close to reaching a bi-partisan agreement on SB17-267, “Sustainability of Rural Colorado,” allowing us to avoid major cuts and closures to rural hospitals by creating the Colorado healt

428     0

Valley Gardening: Hardening off plants and people

Everything is good in my neighborhood! By that I mean, I am gardening, the grand kids are healthy and life is good

440     0

After the Fact: Keeping up with the Joneses

In the very middle of winter when there’s 20” of snow covering my sidewalk and driveway, dust accumulates.

443     0

Movin' On with Nellie: Compassion should be heart of all health care

I met Dr. Kelsey Walker at Rio Grande Hospital Clinic, Del Norte; she has experience with complicated humans, like me.

416     0

Editorial: Some growing pains with new website

The Valley Courier is excited to announce a brand new look and a whole new functionality for our website, which changes the way our readers can interact with us.

565     0

Being Beautiful: Food for the body and food for the soul

Why are we so nostalgic?

528     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: 'Samurai Jack' is back, bleak, and beautiful

This weekend I went back in time to the early 2000s. I was in my basement surrounded by my LEGOs, “Star Wars” action figures and had no care in the world. How and why did this happen? Because “Samurai Jack” was back on the air.

536     0

Being Beautiful: Sometimes hope is all we have

This is a story of hope.

437     0

Still Waters: Friendly fire casaulties in the war on drugs

We have a drug problem in our country and in our neighborhoods. No one denies that. It is visible in spent syringes and spent lives. It crowds our court systems and our jails. It destroys bodies, families and souls.

425     0

Amarah's Corner: The awful, stinking reality of smoking cigarettes

Memories of my beautiful mother include nasty, stinking cigarettes. I can still see her with a cigarette in her mouth and exhaling the nasty smelling smoke. I still smell the awful stench and I remember being caught in the seemingly inescapable, suffocati

468     0

Native Writes: Heroes and women

I recently commented that my heroes were being claimed by death at an accelerated pace.

471     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: The comfort of the familiar

Humans are creatures of habit. If we have an outfit we enjoy, we’ll wear it a lot. We return to a favorite restaurant to order our usual dish and drink. If a classroom doesn’t have assigned seating, we still end up sitting in the same spots class after cl

461     0

Land, Water and People: Take a break from your spring chores

Spring is a time when many people are consumed with an assortment of chores around the house. The to-do list is often long and one’s mind is often stressfully thinking about the next item on the list while working on the current chore.

462     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Unearthing Summitville

It was obvious from the standing-room-only crowd at the Rio Grande County Museum on April 22 that Summitville played an important part in the life of the San Luis Valley.

458     0

After the Fact: John 11:35

Some of my best friends are Catholic. Quite a few are Jewish. There’s a smattering of Greek Orthodox and dozens of assorted Protestants.

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Valley Gardening: Plant now, regret later

Farming and gardening, are just other words for legalized gambling.

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Movin' On with Nellie: Patrons of Caton’s love the customer service

I’d been through the automatic car wash many times with my small car; however, I was aghast, as say, Jessica on Murder She Wrote might be, when I saw parts fly and the hood swing in the wind. The operators shut the fan off and I checked the damage with th

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Still Waters: Scenes of quiet heroism

A small selfless act can be heroic, like giving up a seat on the train or paying for someone’s groceries at the checkout counter. It can be more noticeable and affect more people, like comforting others at the scene of a horrific vehicle crash when you ju

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Being Beautiful: Memories, like flowers, bloom brightly in all seasons

What is it about flowers that we love so much?

477     0

Native Writes: What if I die?

Recent events have moved me into another realm of thought: What if I die?

499     0

Amarah's Corner: Don't give up on your dreams

In spite of the hurtful things our parents who are addicts say and do to us, they don’t seem to realize we still love them.

478     0

Editorial: Overdue to brand the SLV as ONE

Over the course of two years, 55-plus meetings, 2,000 volunteer hours, at least 5,000 miles of in-valley travel and 25 gallons of coffee, leaders of the San Luis Valley may be just hours away from branding the area as ONE.

507     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: Remembering Reed’s room

I didn’t send any words of encouragement. I didn’t want any message to be my “last” message.

486     0

Alamosa Flowers: Alamosa Arbor Week and early blooms

There’s still time to help plant trees during Alamosa Arbor Week!

480     0

Just the Facts: Meteorite or meteor-wrong?

The oldest thing in Colorado is more ancient than Earth itself. It’s a meteorite.

522     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: ah-CHOO

In Del Norte, not far from the San Juans, every morning I’ll find that my car has a blanket of dust, blown from the Four Corners. In Alamosa, Monte Vista, Center, Mosca, and Hooper, people will close their windows while the wind blows across the Valley.

528     0

After the Fact: Smarty pants

My mom was somewhere barely short of brilliant: she had the answers to all of my questions and she read stories to me every night before I fell asleep

551     0

Valley Gardening: Low water landscaping doesn't have to be ugly

Life is good in the neighborhood—and it is almost warm enough for me to unload the flowers and vegetables out of my truck.

548     0

Still Waters: This is how it’s done

I’m so proud of our Alamosa city staff, city council and local residents for developing an ordinance amendment regarding feral cats that I think (most) everyone can live with, especially the cats.

544     0

Being Beautiful: Revision, reunion, and the joy of second chances

My favorite prefix is “re.”

542     0

Native Writes: Love lives on

When I was in college, I took a course called Thanatology, which dealt with death and dying. In fact, the instructor, James Douglass, attempted to deal with it in writing as his own death neared. I treasure a long note he wrote explaining his decision.

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Movin' On with Nellie: Fight cancer with memories

My cousin Jerry is fighting liver cancer. Like so many families today, our loved ones have fought some tough battles with cancer. I wish that it could be different.

527     0

Amarah's Corner: Loving an addict

Kathy Suazo, Child Protection Supervisor, Alamosa County DHS, is my guest this month.

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Land, Water and People: Desert Journal 2017—Photographing Factory Butte

Blue-grey ridged slopes curved 1,600 feet upward, increasing in steepness the higher they went, ending with a golden, vertical sandstone cap. From my perspective, the geologic sculpture looked like an accordion lampshade.

506     0

Guest Column: You are loved

In his eulogy for his brother Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy said, “My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and

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Valley Gardening: ‘Tracing’ minerals

I think it is finally spring, and you can start planting some of your seeds and plants.

567     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Moving water through acequias

It’s a short growing season for crops like corn and squash – only about 90 days or even less. Prayer and good luck might help.

542     0

After the Fact: Observing holidays

When there are younger brothers or sisters in a family, you get to practice essential parenting skills long before you actually become a parent

596     0

Movin' On with Nellie: A lesson for every story

There’s a lesson for every movie & story we watch and read.

558     0

Being Beautiful: Far across the distance and spaces between us…

I grew up with brothers, three of them, not a single girl child in our house when we were children.

560     0

Editorial: Quaff more economic growth

We believe that within the next year, the SLV will also become a target for lovers of craft beer.

573     0

Still Waters: Flawless

At the beginning of the music video, nothing is white except the lead singer’s teeth as he begins to sing the words:

581     0

Native Writes: Snow on Easter

This Easter looks to be a better one than the past, though fellow old timers have a way of reminding me that Mother Nature is, if nothing else, deceptive.

576     0

Amarah's Corner: 'Kids like me' recieve a 'terrible gift'

In Matthew 18:10 (KJV), Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

554     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: ‘Attack on Titan’ reintroduced me to anime

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of animated television shows. I’ve written about “Voltron,” “Samurai Jack,” “Steven Universe,” “Rick and Morty” and other shows in this column. However, my love for anime is a bit more reserved

551     0

Alamosa Flowers: Tree plantings, pruning, and species worldwide

Arbor Week and Earth Day are coming up. Celebrate Earth Day by helping to plant trees and shrubs at the Rio Grande Farm Park (RGFP). There will be a breakfast at 9 a.m. followed by planting and kids’ activities at 10 a.m. You will also have a chance to le

551     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Turning the other cheek

It’s time for another of my columns usually called “Going to the Movies.” The film I’ve chosen this time is “42: The Jackie Robinson Story.”

611     0

Valley Gardening: Peas could be planted

If you weren’t at the SLVCRF concert at Society Hall last week, you missed a really beautiful evening!

590     0

After the Fact: It’s a small world

There aren’t too many things that, between the daughter and I, cannot be managed in the arena of household maintenance and repair.

595     0

Land, Water and People: The challenge of managing a travel system

I think most people reading this column know people can’t ride their motorized vehicles anywhere they want on the national forest.

562     0

Land, Water and People: Protecting our investment-Knowing when to turn around

stepped out of the car into the unseasonably warm sun. The shhhh of the breeze moving through the branches of piñon pine and juniper trees dominated the soundscape. Nearby a male bluebird blended into the sky as it flitted from one tree to another. Spring

541     0

Land, Water and People: Insect populations on the decline

The 2016 forest health survey results were released a month ago and showed a decline in activity of the three forest insects that have been most noticeably impacting the Rio Grande National Forest: The spruce beetle, spruce budworm and western tent caterp

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Still Waters: Emerald Isle heritage

Thanks to some expert research on the part of my maternal uncle, I now can claim Irish ancestry on both sides. We were never sure about my maternal grandmother’s heritage since she was basically left on a doorstep as a baby.

574     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Bear Dance

While cranes are making it clear that the seasons are changing, another kind of rebirth is happening, but not so readily seen by most of us. Bears are emerging from their dens after their hibernation, usually in March.

592     0

Still Waters: Renewed vision

“Give light to my eyes.” Psalm 13:3.

602     0

Being Beautiful: From Air Supply to ZZ Top and Ricky Schroeder to John Stamos

Some of the things I did as a youngster make me laugh now.

574     0

Amarah's Corner: April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

In Matthew 18:10 (KJV), Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

559     0

Native Writes: Atmosphere impeding progress

These are highly charged times and I am convinced one must choose a side and adhere stubbornly to it or risk being boiled in oil.

559     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: Rounding up a gaggle of fools

I don’t use the internet on the first day of April as a safety precaution. If you followed suit, here are the highlights of what you missed.

559     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Cat food

A widely circulated report says that from 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion wild birds are killed annually by cats in the U.S., although an esteemed ornithologist, David Sibley, estimated a few years ago that the figure is around 500 million. At any rate statist

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Valley Gardening: Grow naturally

I, and many other supporters, am VERY thankful this week! After a long, brutal YEAR of various treatments, setbacks, and more treatments Casey Kanen Martinez is cancer FREE!! It’s been almost exactly a year since Casey was diagnosed. So many of you readin

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Movin' On with Nellie: Ears, we all have them

I’ve been thinking about ears lately. It started when I watched Charlie Rose’s Monday interview with Sally Fields. Her ears looked like a nautilus shell flattened like an appendage to the head. Ears offer us a lot in terms of communication and elegance.

592     0

After the Fact: No two snowflakes

My nephew David taught my grandson how to swim. They were “fooling around,” as it was later explained, by the swimming hole at the ranch. Zan, 3 years old at the time, told David he wanted to swim. So David threw him in. And Zan swam for shore like his li

603     0

Still Waters: Fool among the angels

I am so grateful that God suffers fools on April Fools Day and every other day.

597     0

Amarah's Corner: Mom in community corrections shares advice

In Matthew 18:10 (KJV), Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

529     0

Native Writes: Googling myself

A good friend asked me if I knew everything about myself.

563     0

Alamosa Trees: Trees for our parks

Twenty-two new trees will be planted in Alamosa parks and the cemetery this spring. We’ll plant many of the trees – and we hope with your help – during Alamosa Arbor Week, April 22 -28.

555     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: Jordan Peele changed the horror genre

I don’t watch horror movies often, whether on my home screen or the big screen. I rarely see them in theaters because they’re almost never worth the price of admission. The last one I saw in a cinema was “Paranormal Activity 4” in 2012. Yet I knew I had t

528     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Fish facts

Even during the icy months fishermen were trying their luck at Mountain Home and Big Meadow Reservoir. And this summer, who wouldn’t love to get out and catch a nice trout from one of our streams?

580     0

After the Fact: Proper planning prevents work

“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.” Dr.Thomas Sowell is a retired professor of economics at Stanford University and undoubtedly knows whereof he speaks.

557     0

Movin' On with Nellie: Trump-y needs Dr. Phil for Whitehouse call

This week I learned that Trump-y has some serious behavioral health (aka mental health) issues. These behaviors are manifested with his 3 a.m. tweets that are riddled with lies, fake news, and threats to build a wall.

530     0

Valley Gardening: With our compliments

I am so thankful for a day like today—Friday! The moisture is so appreciated—unless you live in San Luis or Ft. Garland because they got between 8 and 18 inches of snow—YIKES. If the weather forecasters are on their game we should get more moisture next w

566     0

Still Waters: More weird emails

Julianne Kaufman was so kind to reach out to me today. “We’ve been out of touch for a while,” she emailed. Out of touch? We’re so “out of touch,” Julianne, I don’t even know who you are.

558     0

Being Beautiful: What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Imagine with me if you can saving up your spare coins for a long time, heading off to an anniversary or birthday dinner at The Brown Derby, one of old Hollywood’s most celebrated restaurants.

534     0

Amarah's Corner: Pediatrictian addressess marijuana effects

In Matthew 18:10 KJV, Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

540     0

Just the Facts: Colorado's mass extinctions

Colorado’s full of rocks. Some bear gold, diamonds or silver. Others burble oil, gas, and water. A rare few record death itself.

552     0

Native Writes: Why then and why now?

It was a sunny afternoon when I sat watching little dust particles drifting through the air. They do that when sunbeams yield the spotlight.

543     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: The case for utopian entertainment

If I had to choose of favorite genre of fiction, I’d probably pick dystopian. It’s not the most uplifting media to consume, but the thought of how bad life could be refreshes my perspective of my current circumstances.

528     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Food for thought

Some of us have never been desperately hungry. Not even during the Great Depression was I ever hungry. Bored perhaps because, during my childhood in New England, we had too many Wheaties for breakfast and too much salt cod on toast for supper.

546     0

After the Fact: School supplies

Expectations for graduating from high school today seem significantly different than when I was a student, or maybe they just go about it in a different way.

569     0

Valley Gardening: Where there's a Willie Wade, there's a way

Life is good in the neighborhood! Is not this weather so wonderful? And so warm? Maybe too warm?

534     0

Being Beautiful: Spreading sparkles from china cabinets to petting zoos

I was just a little boy with his mama, and we had driven up Dykes Chapel Road to Miss Jessy Jean’s house, Perry County’s own petting zoo because she had at least one of every living thing created by God and known to man.

529     0

Amarah's Corner: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Part 2

In Matthew 18:10 KJV, Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

547     0

Native Writes: Thissa and thatta

My old editor, F.G. "Doc" Kirby called columns like this "thissa and thatta." They are observations from passing along the road we call life.

558     0

Alamosa Flowers: First blooms of the season

Hurray for purple Crocus (Crocus). It’s the first plant to bloom in our garden this year and is displaying four lovely blossoms. I spied the blossoms poking their heads out above the mulch in our protected, south facing garden.

542     0

After the Fact: Tragedies of Shakespearean dimension

My sister Micki had an assortment of friends about on a par with the Whitman’s Sampler box of candy, except hers was heavier on the nuts. Knot-head Mixon lived a couple of doors down and she was a typical over-indulged, spoiled only child of older parents

533     0

Valley Gardening: DE—not just for plants

Okay…before I start writing this week, I am feeling like I need to write a disclaimer. Like…what I have to say may hurt you, may cause diarrhea, may save you money, may cause suicidal thoughts, may make you want to throw up, etc.

552     0

Being Beautiful: Of Willie Vee, Victoria Ivy, and their unbroken circle of love

Let me be guilty of many things, but never of ingratitude.

517     0

Still Waters: American and proud

Saturday night provided an inspiring lesson in democracy. I attended the Lincoln Day Dinner, which was held at Adams State University’s student union building. A number of protestors gathered at the entrances with messages for the Republican leaders who a

548     0

Amarah's Corner: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Part 1

In Matthew 18:10 KJV, Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

535     0

Native Writes: The pot lifestyle

The current debate over marijuana brought back some interesting memories of The Courier newsroom in the 1970s.

571     0

Geiger’s Culture Counter: Can you separate art from artist?

Before the best picture envelope snafu, the most controversial moment at the 89th Academy Awards was Casey Affleck beating Denzel Washington for best actor. Washington delivered what some call his best performance ever in “Fences” while Affleck moved audi

537     0

Rabbitbrush Rambler: Return of the cranes

Migrating Sandhill Cranes started to arrive a month ago and now are here en masse. They have been arriving earlier each year lately to herald the news that the parade is ready to begin in the Valley, and some will be staying for a month or so.

541     0

After the Fact: Olly-olly-ox-in-free

Do you remember ever, on a summer’s day, saying, “I’m bored.” Neither do I. Growing up as the “leading edge” of the Boomer generation, we didn’t have television and our telephones were firmly attached to the wall, or to a cord that ran in through the wall

551     0

Valley Gardening: Ruthie get your gun

Let’s see…. I have not been able to find my little criminals—that’s what happens when you work for a living—you can’t just park in the neighborhood and look for them. I did find out that the same ones that stole from me more than likely also stole from a

546     0

Being Beautiful: And the greatest of these is love

“Three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”

527     0

Still Waters: Blessings from Bill's basket

Every Sabbath morning right after the offering is collected during the worship service at my church, Bill passes another basket, this one to provide rather than collect.

552     0

Amarah's Corner: Music is important to self esteem

In Matthew 18:10 KJV, Jesus said, “Take heed that ye despise not (hurt or be mean to) one of these little ones; for I say unto you, that in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

544     0

Native Writes: Learning respect

I need to wean myself from Facebook.

561     0

Geiger's Culture Counter: Gaming on the go

I'm sitting at a ski shop as my dad is getting fitted for new boots. The entire process takes roughly an hour and I've killed as much time as possible by browsing the store's other wares. I pull out my phone and load up a game.

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