Valdez answers residency question

VALLEY — Responding to an article in “Colorado Politics” that raises questions about whether he still resides in the state house district he represents, Rep. Donald Valdez stated that La Jara was and continues to be his place of residence.

The confusion, he explained, seemed to revolve around his new wife’s Pueblo West residence, which is where their marriage certificate was mailed to last year. Representative Valdez married Michelle Brown of Pueblo in 2017. Valdez said that he and his wife thought it would be best to have their marriage certificate mailed to her home in Pueblo since his schedule was so busy as a legislator. Brown’s address was 1306 South Liberty Point Blvd. in Pueblo West, which is not in Valdez’s district.

“I apologize for any confusion on the matter,” he stated.

Valdez’s voter registration still lists La Jara, which lies within the House District 62 boundaries he has represented since he was elected in November 2016 to fill the seat formerly held by Ed Vigil who was term limited. His vehicle is also registered there.

“As a state representative, I spend a lot of time on the road, both traveling throughout the eight counties my district encompasses, Conejos, Costilla, Huerfano, Alamosa, Rio Grande, Saguache, Mineral and Pueblo, to visit with and hear the concerns of my constituents and in Denver for the legislative session,” he said.

When he is not busy representing the district at the capitol or on the road, however, he comes back to La Jara where he helps with the family business, he added.

“My family and I have lived in the San Luis Valley for five generations, and my place of residence has been, and continues to be, at 15525 State Highway 15 in La Jara,” Valdez stated.

Valdez added that his wife has put her Pueblo home on the market, and the couple plans to find a new home in the house district boundaries where they can “happily live together, raise a family and continue a long legacy of service to our community.”

He concluded, “Until we are able to find a new home, my primary residence — and the residence I have every intention of returning to, whether it be after a week at the capitol advocating on behalf of my constituents or a week touring the district — is in La Jara.”