Letter writer wonders what is happening to the city


I don’t know about you, but I certainly wonder what is happening to our city!

The article in last Friday's Valley Courier talking about a $600 fine for councilors “breaching confidentiality” makes me nervous! First of all, why was it necessary to send out an email to staff about an email that was going to go out to the media that afternoon? And the email basically said nothing...other than the person who did the data breach, had been identified, but their identity would not be shared. Big deal! This is a small town…did they really think no one would figure it out? If I remember right, there was no sign of malicious intent, maybe just a stupid mistake, so did the person really need to resign — or were they given a choice? Was this a matter of national security? Sure would like a copy of what was downloaded.

The part that makes me most nervous is where the city manager states that “these types of breaches really make us, as staff, think twice about what we are going to share. It’s going to dampen what we’re going to tell you,” she told the council. “We’re really going to have to be thinking about what is a need-to-know and what are the details council doesn’t need to know." My question is: who is running the city? Is it the city manager and the Mayor Ty Coleman, or is it City Council? Why even have a City Council?

I have been to many, many city council meetings during my 50-plus years in Alamosa. In the olden days, there were many decisions made that ended up in a 6-1 vote, or a 5-2 vote, or in a 4-3 vote. Never did I see all the unanimous votes that are very, very common in meetings held the past few years. Everyone “comes to a consensus”, as was stated in a recent work session and votes as a team? Personally, when I see all the unanimous votes, I think no one has an opinion of their own. Why have a city council if we don’t want differing opinions? I urge the council to be strong and speak up and don’t back down. Talk to your constituents, gather input…isn’t that what it’s all about? (P.S. You can speak up for the Southside, aka LODA, if you want — it’s OK).

A couple of solutions for the “bad person” that leaked this very important information — you need to stand in the corner of the room, with your nose to the wall — for the entire meeting or set up a boxing ring and duke it out with your accuser. 

In closing…who is running the City of Alamosa? 

P.S. If the City of Alamosa was truly devoted to transparency, they would zoom, (and record), all work sessions.  And, they would hold their retreats in Alamosa Council Chambers where the public might attend if they wanted to. What can be said, in private, at another location, that can’t be said in town? Just wondering.

Ruthie Brown