Return to business but not business as usual

All over the State, businesses are anxious to re-open and begin serving customers again so they can make a living.... more


Tempering COVID-19 expectations

Over the past 7 days we have received news of 4 additional positive cases in the San Luis Valley. It is important to keep this in mind as we prepare to transition to the 'Safer at Home' phase of reopening.... more


SLV continues making strides against COVID-19

The community in the San Luis Valley has worked hard to flatten the curve, and the great sacrifices everyone has made are recognized. This affects your livelihoods, can have an impact on mental health and honestly, it is just not fun. SLV Emergency is proud of the valley’s citizens, and thanks them for being San Luis Valley strong. ... more


Social distancing seems to be paying dividends

So far in the San Luis Valley, two-hundred seven COVID-19 tests have been completed. Of those, there have been twenty-two confirmed cases of COVID-19, with two fatalities in Alamosa County.... more


SLV Emergency COVID-19 update

The SLV has been experiencing warmer temperatures, spring winds, and little precipitation.... more


SLV Emergency daily update

Friday brought no change to the valley’s COVID-19 numbers, a slight reprieve in the news.... more


SLV Emergency Daily Update

Today brought sad news of the first COVID-19 related fatality in the San Luis Valley, a resident of Alamosa County. Hearts go out to the family and friends who have been impacted. This sobering news comes as a reminder to all that this difficult journey has not yet reached its conclusion. ... more


Gov. Polis takes further action to address COVID-19

Gov. Polis signed Executive Orders today taking further action to address COVID-19 in Colorado.... more


Public Health recommends covering face

The Alamosa County Public Health Department is recommending covering one’s nose and mouth when leaving the home for essential travel, such as to the grocery store, doctor, or pharmacy.... more


COVID-19 Public health update

Yesterday we began our update with the reminder that this is not a vacation; it is a pandemic. We love visitors and we rely on tourism in the San Luis Valley, but we must now ask that visitors delay their plans to come to our area until after this pandemic crisis is over.... more


COVID-19 Public health update

We want to start today with a message from Governor Polis: “I’m going to say this again and again: This is not a vacation; it’s a pandemic. Stay home unless absolutely necessary. There are still an alarming number of people traveling to our mountain and rural communities, putting themselves and others at risk. Whether you’re a second homeowner or weekend warrior, please stay home.”... more


Public Health Update

As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, it is natural this time of year to start to experience “cabin fever” and the urge to venture outside and spend more time recreating away from home increases.... more

Gov. Polis Provides Update on State’s Response to COVID-19

Gov. Polis today provided an update to the State’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ... more


Rio Grande County confirms another COVID-19 case

March 28, 2020, Rio Grande County has received notification of another positive case of COVID-19. The individual is a male in his 60s who lives in the northern part of the county.... more


Uninsured Coloradans Can Enroll during a Special Enrollment Period in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak

To help as many people as possible protect their health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak, Connect for Health Colorado® announces a new Special Enrollment period that starts Friday, March 20, 2020 and ends Friday, April 3, 2020... more

Two Covid-19 cases in Rio Grande County

As of the morning of 3/23/2020, Rio Grande County Public Health was notified by Rio Grande County Hospital that we do have two (2) positive cases of COVID-19 in Rio Grande County. The cases are currently a 20-year-old female and a 50-year-old male. They are both currently isolating at home. ... more