RWR hopes to sell SLV water to Douglas County

Virtual town hall meeting tonight at 5 p.m.

VALLEY– Renewable Water Resources (RWR), the Denver-based group attempting to purchase water rights in the San Luis Valley to export to Douglas County on the Front Range, has submitted a request to Douglas County Commissioners to spend $20 million of COVID relief funds in advancing their plan to export water

Cleave Simpson, General Manager of the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, has sent out an email alerting stakeholders in the San Luis Valley about this developing situation.

“I am reaching out to you as a key stakeholder who has joined us in opposing this detrimental water export plan. RWR continues to communicate that their plan has the support in the valley through the manipulation of a survey they conducted. I assure you this is not the case.

“We are organizing to fight this proposal. Please share this information with your network. We have worked together to successfully stop similar plans and we will do it again.”

Douglas County commissioners have received several proposals and, as part of the process, are holding an Open House and town hall meeting tonight starting at 5pm. The town hall can be listened to at A more in-depth article will appear in tomorrow’s edition of the Courier.

This story has been updated to include the correct link for the town hall.

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