Romero runs for Costilla County commission

COSTILLA COUNTY — Steven Romero is running for Costilla County commissioner in District 3.

Romero graduated from The Colorado College in 1998 with a degree in philosophy. After contemplating law school he decided that his heart was in Costilla County with the community and the people who formed his passion for preserving land, water, and the unique agricultural lifestyle of the Valley.

Romero is a sixth generation resident of Costilla County. His parents own and operate the oldest surviving business in the state, the R&R Market located on Main Street in San Luis.

Romero has been active in the county for 16 years and involved with many different projects including open space grants and planning, land use and zoning, master plan development and implementation, ditch upgrades and maintenance, acequia legislation and preservation, and summer youth programs. He was a teacher at Centennial High School for five years. He is the ditch rider for the San Luis Peoples Ditch, the first registered ditch in the State of Colorado. Currently, he owns and operates a farm and ranch that produces feeder cattle and hay.

“My education and experience allow me to bring many qualifications and skills to the office of county commissioner,” he said. “I can apply my knowledge and understanding of small business and budget management, conflict resolution, efficiency, and diplomacy to all aspects of county operations. I feel I can come up with creative solutions to problems by listening to all sides and perspectives, thoroughly researching issues, and applying a common sense approach to dealing with issues in the county.”

He added, “I would like to get everyone's perspective and input and if I haven't already talked to you and you would like to meet with me or talk over the phone my number is 719-588-2502. Please feel free to call anytime. Thank you for your consideration.”