New witnesses may delay trial

ALAMOSA — Although some of the defendants in the 2016 Floyd Dale McBride murder case have already pleaded, the case of Kelvin Ruybal, 34, is still moving forward towards an October trial.

New witnesses in his case may affect that trial date, however, Ruybal’s attorney David Roth told District Judge Michael Gonzales on Tuesday. Roth said he had received new discovery involving newly endorsed witnesses and wanted additional time to review the information. After reviewing the new information and discussing the case further with his client, he might be seeking to continue the trial, he told the judge.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley McCuaig told the judge one of the new witnesses was someone the DA’s office had been trying to locate and was finally able to track down, and the other was someone who signed an agreement on Friday to provide information.

Judge Gonzales scheduled another status/pretrial readiness conference on Ruybal’s case for October 3. His trial is scheduled to begin on October 10.

Ruybal was charged with multiple counts including manslaughter, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping in connection with the death of McBride, 52, last summer. Ruybal has pleaded not guilty.

Pleading to second-degree murder and crime of violence, Lonnie Cooper, 43, has admitted to the actual shooting that resulted in McBride’s death. Cooper is scheduled to be sentenced in October. Three other members of Cooper’s family were also charged in the McBride case, and two of them are scheduled to be in court today (Wednesday.) Several other defendants including Ruybal were also charged in connection to the homicide.