Kirsten Louise Peaslee

Nov. 14, 1962 – April 8, 2023

During a rehearsal in 1990, a sweet angelic voice arose from the Soprano section of the Augustana Lutheran Choir. A young man in the bass section looked up from his music and was captivated. He soon began angling for a way to meet the energetic and beautiful redhead. Kirsten Jones was this angel. That moment initiated a courtship that had Jay Peaslee following her from piano bar to piano bar to listen to her stories and allow her music and engaging personality to capture his heart.

Little did he know that she was the daughter of world-renowned choral conductor, Randolph “Casey” Jones and accomplished nurse and high school biology teacher, Loraine Jones. Kirsten toured internationally with her father’s choir and the Concordia College choir conducted by Paul J Christiansen. Kirsten’s accomplishments, however, went far beyond music. Kirsten’s business career started when she landed a job as a title insurance processor. When her father’s entrepreneurial endeavors brought a hotel into the family’s holdings, Kirsten was groomed for the general manager role. From there, she became a turnaround specialist in the hotel industry.

Upon meeting Jay, they decided hospitality management was not a good fit for the family life they envisioned. She returned to the title insurance industry, and they were subsequently married at Augustana Lutheran on Oct. 24, 1992. Kirsten advanced through a series of positions before launching her own mortgage banking company, Mountain Valley Mortgage. She owned and managed Mountain Valley until 2007. While building her business, Kirsten also became a mother to three children, who were the light of her days. She never strayed far from her musical roots and continued to sing with The Colorado Choir and conducted children’s choirs at Augustana and St. Philip Lutheran.

After experiencing the challenges of caring for aging parents, Kirsten launched PIECES, Inc., a service dedicated to supporting and guiding families through the aging process. It was a labor of love and compassion. Kirsten had a special ability to connect with people through her engaging smile (and smile mask), charismatic personality, and love for all people.

There was no place more special to Kirsten than the beautiful blue waters of Bad Medicine Lake, where the welcoming and mournful cries of the loons greeted her each Spring. Saunas and dips in the lake under the canopy of Northern Minnesota stars could heal any angst life would bring.

Kirsten is survived by her husband, Jay Peaslee, and three children, Rikka, Jens and Erik. She is also remembered by her brother Nathan Jones, sisters Randa Degerness and Rebecca Jones, and a host of nephews and nieces.

Kirsten began life prematurely, born in Indianapolis, Ind., on Nov. 14, 1962, weighing in at only 3 pounds, 12 ounces, and measuring only 16 inches long. From that day forward, she tackled life with determination and an endearing spirit. This was on full display as she overcame challenge after challenge during the last month of her life, becoming the inspiration of the ICU ward. Kirsten succumbed to overwhelming respiratory and blood infections on April 8, 2023. She was a true champion for her family, friends, and clients. She will be missed dearly, but her legacy will be everlasting.

A Celebration of Kirsten’s life will be held at 3 p.m. (MDT) on Sunday, May 7, at Augustana Lutheran Church, 5000 East Alameda Ave., Denver, Colo. The Service will also be live-streamed on YouTube starting at 2:30

As you honor her memory, please consider supporting one of the organizations she treasured: Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross Supporting Military Families.

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