Creede Hotel announces hiring of new executive chef

Kristen Zagranski

CREEDE — The Creede Hotel and Restaurant is excited to announce that it has hired a new executive chef for the summer.

“We had quite a few great candidates but finally decided on Kristen Zagranski,” ownership stated.

Zagranski, boasts an impressive 36-year tenure in the culinary industry, with 23 of those years serving as an Executive Chef. She holds a diploma from the esteemed Le Gordon Bleu Culinary Academy and has garnered experience across the United States, including a notable 5-year stint as the Director of Dining Services at Adams State University.

Her culinary journey extends internationally, having spent the past 2 years in New Zealand as a Corporate Executive Chef, overseeing four restaurants in Rotorua, a bustling tourist hub.

“With her extensive global culinary expertise, innovative approach, unwavering drive, and charming wit, we are confident that this season will be nothing short of exceptional.  Watch out for her handmade pastas and use of our local foods,” ownership stated.

“We invite you to join us in extending a warm welcome to Chef Kristen as she returns to the United States and to the San Luis Valley.”

The Creede Hotel and Restaurant will now be 100% run by women with more than 50 years restaurant experience altogether.