Artist paints a crane in memory of Lohn Owens

Courtesy photo The family of Lohn Owens visits the ‘Swoop of the Cranes’ that was painted in his memory.

MONTE VISTA — Local artist Danielle Trodick has painted a special Crane this year for the “Swoop of the Cranes.” The crane that Trodick painted was sponsored by Right Carpet and Interiors. She painted it in memory of Lohn Owens.

“I think this painting just happened this way for a reason,” said Trodick. “I was involved in Swoop of the Cranes last year, and I really enjoyed it and wanted to do it again this year. I was looking for sponsors for this crane painting. So, I put it up online that I was looking for sponsors and Jennifer Curtis of Right Carpet wanted to sponsor me. I was excited and I went down and got everything squared away with Jennifer for the painting. I actually painted the crane the day that I heard the very sad news about Jennifer’s father, Lohn Owens passing away. Lohn was like a father to my husband Joe, and I also knew him very well. The news just hit me like a ton a bricks, just so hard.

“When I paint, I use a lot of my emotions, and I remember the day I heard the news. I painted the crane the same day. I used all my sad emotions to paint this crane. I thought about Lohn and his family a lot while I was painting it. Lohn was such a kind man. He loved talking to people, and he had such a wonderful heart. I used so many of my sad emotions to create this painting and I dedicated it completely to Lohn,” she added.

Swoop of the Cranes is an art and beautification project. People and businesses can sponsor a 5-foot blank steel crane that can be painted and decorated. Once painted, the completed crane is attached to one of the light poles in downtown Monte Vista and put on display from March through about August. The cranes are then taken down and either sold back to the artist, or auctioned off locally, with any proceeds made going to fund community projects in Monte Vista.

Trodick said that she did not know how her painting was going to come out but once it was done, she looked at it and was proud. The crane is painted with a snowy background and a beautiful blue sky. On top of a piece of ice in the snow, a beautiful white crane can be seen standing, while another crane touches down from the sky as if to say hello from another place to the crane standing on the icy ground.

Trodick painted the words, “For Lohn and Mary, and the Owens family” on the front of the crane and the crane is on a light pole near Dairy Queen.

Trodick is proud of her painting, but said she had an even prouder moment, when the Owen’s family visited the crane and sent her a picture of themselves with it in Monte Vista.

“The picture brought tears to my eyes; it made me feel special to know that they love the painting,” she said. “Lohn was such an amazing person, and we miss him so much. I feel honored that his family took the time to take a picture with my painting and I am also honored to have painted this for him and in his memory.”