Veteran-led Team Rubicon providing wildfire relief in Huerfano and Costilla Counties


BLANCA – In response to requests from the State of Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and the municipal government of La Veta, Team Rubicon, a veteran-led global disaster response organization, is undertaking wildfire mitigation operations in Huerfano and Costilla Counties.

“The Spring Creek Fire is the third largest wildfire in Colorado history,” said Incident

Commander Bruce Verde. “Because of the significant impact it is expected to have on the people and the environment of Colorado, Team Rubicon feels that it is critical to come out here and be a part of this community response.”

Team Rubicon began conducting damage assessment and wildfire response operations on Saturday, July 7.

Team Rubicon is focusing on identifying lost and damaged structures and then assess how Team Rubicon can help in the immediate future. Team

Rubicon has also deployed three specially-trained teams of sawyers, at the request of the Spring Creek Fire Emergency Operation Center. These three teams enter the fire zone at Forbes Park, where they have removed debris to open up access to critical roadways for emergency services and residents. Thus far, these sawyer teams have removed 380 trees and 1,200 yards of debris from the roads.

About Team Rubicon

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