Valley counties hear redistricting campaign ideas


ALAMOSA — Every 10 years after the census, the state of Colorado starts redistricting for congressional and legislative purposes.

Alan Phelps with Fair Maps Colorado made a presentation on Monday to the San Luis Valley County Commissioners Association looking for support and endorsements.

Fair Maps Colorado wants to make Colorado a national model for putting fair and effective representation at the forefront of congressional redistricting and legislative redistricting, according to Phelps. This organization has members of different political parties working together for the well-being of the state.

They set out to create an eighth congressional seat by 2022 in different ways: 

* Create balanced independent commissions

* Prohibitions on gerrymandering

* Open meetings

* Fair and effective representation for all Colorado voters

“We have set out to try and create a good system for Colorado for drawing districts that borrows the best practices from across the country and puts in place the best system in America,” Phelps said.

Phelps said they are looking to hold an event in the Valley in September or October as they tour the state.