Valley Auto Cleaning lease not renewed


ALAMOSA — Rental car company Hertz has a little over a month to find another place to clean their cars.

On Wednesday the Alamosa County commissioners made a motion that Valley Auto Cleaning, run by local Hertz agent Anthony Jojola, has until Aug. 31 to remove all personal property since its lease has been terminated.

The lease for an area of land next to San Luis Valley Regional Airport's fire station was created in 2014 and expired in the end of 2016 after an automatic one-year extension. Since then it has been operating on a month-to-month basis.

Jojola set up Valley Auto Cleaning because as a Hertz franchiser he has an agreement with the company to service and clean the cars before they come onto the lot. However, San Luis Valley Airport Manager Dustin Allinger said that Jojola hasn't paid the $150 rent on time since Allinger started at the airport last fall and that he is using the area to clean non-Hertz cars.

"I've had to send two letters requesting payments and he makes the payments once they've been received," Allinger said.

"It very clearly says in the use section that he is only to wash vehicles that are associated with Hertz," added Alamosa County Attorney Jason Kelly. "That is a material breach."

The officials also mentioned a number of complaints they've received about Hertz from frustrated customers. They said they would like to have other competing rental car companies so service would improve for both airline passengers and for when people get into accidents.

Allinger said that Hertz is the only rental car company in the San Luis Valley and the other ones closest are in Pueblo and Pagosa Springs.

"Not honoring the agreement and not having the funds available in a timely matter is a big concern," Alamosa County Commissioner Michael Yohn said.

Jojola is currently out of town on vacation and no one is renting vehicles at the terminal in his absence. The Valley Courier could not reach Jojola for a comment.