Thomas runs for Conejos County sheriff


CONEJOS COUNTY — Marvin Thomas, a longtime resident of Conejos County, was born in Manassa and graduated from Centauri High School. He spent most of his life in the Valley, and it is because of his deep roots and love for this community that he has decided to run for Conejos County Sheriff.

Thomas began his law enforcement career in 1989 as a police officer with the Bartlesville Oklahoma Police Department. Bartlesville has a population of approximately 36,000. In 1992, Thomas was chosen as “Police Officer of the Year.” He was assigned to work with the United States Secret Service during the 1992 Presidential Election while Mrs. Dan Quayle campaigned in northeastern Oklahoma. He later went on to serve as president of the Fraternal Order of Police for two years. Promoted to sergeant in 1996, Thomas became the shift commander of 12 officers, two jailers, three dispatchers, as well as clerical and detective units on duty.

After extensive testing, Sergeant Thomas was selected to serve on a Special Operations Team (SWAT) as a sniper. This unit worked hand in hand with the District Attorney’s Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force to eradicate the large movement of drugs into the area. Thomas said, "During one period we were serving search warrants and hitting drug houses, sometimes twice a week.” This task force was successful in helping to solve a major drug problem in the area, and it was recognized statewide.  Thomas received special training in contract negotiations and served as the lead negotiator between the City of Bartlesville and the Bartlesville police officers. He served in this capacity for five years dealing with an annual budget of just over $ 3 million.

Sergeant Thomas is currently a certified instructor through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). He has taught at numerous police training seminars and academies, most recently teaching several courses in the San Luis Valley in Women’s Self Protection.

If elected, Thomas promises a major focus on apprehending drug manufacturers, distributors, and those possessing contraband, along with aggressively eradicating local burglaries and thefts. Thomas is aware that cattle rustling in the area has become a major problem and will take steps to end it.

Thomas believes that a sheriff’s office must have an open door policy to the community, to serve with integrity and experience, and take a pro-active approach to law enforcement. He believes in aggressively attacking major crimes using modern police tactics. Thomas believes all law enforcement agencies need to cooperate for true success.

Thomas brings a vast amount of experience in all areas of law enforcement. He has worked with tight budgets in the past, and believes he has a workable solution on how to do more with less. Marvin feels a strong sheriff’s office begins with a commitment to integrity and professionalism.

Marvin and his wife Sandi were both raised in Manassa. When asked why he wants to be sheriff he replied, “This is our home. Our children and grandchildren live here. It is important to us that this county remains a safe and wholesome place to raise families.”

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