The Wet Paintbrush,Tu Casa recognize Domestic Violence Month


ALAMOSA — The Wet Paintbrush caters to the artist in everyone, allowing adults to release their creative inhibitions while enjoying a glass of wine or two. On October 20th the room was filled with purple. To help spread the word about Domestic Violence Awareness Month The Wet Paintbrush hosted a special event to support Tu Casa’s efforts to raise awareness for victims, featuring a purple butterfly and ribbon, the color representative of domestic violence awareness month.

As the event commenced, Tu Casa Director Patricia Lara said, “I think people are aware that domestic violence occurs, because it happens everywhere. The awareness month is really more for victims, to help make them aware that there is help out there and that there are agencies in this community that want to help.”

The instructor, Sarah, took participants through the rules for the facility, with the number one rule being: have fun. Already off to a great start, with the main goal of having fun in mind, participants wetted their brushes and started their journey of making a purple butterfly come to life. Dozens of people gathered in unison to support a worthy cause.

After all of the paintings were complete participants ended the night with a huge group photo showing off their work. It was both a rewarding and satisfying night, especially to know that Tu Casa has such support in the community.

Javier Martinez and Krista Garcia at The Wet Paintbrush were fabulous hosts and donated a majority of the proceeds to help raise awareness for victims of domestic violence.

Caption: Purple butterflies fill the room at The Wet Paintbrush during a special event to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Courtesy photo