Suspects sought in business break in


ALAMOSA — Authorities in two states are attempting to locate suspects in a recent Alamosa break-in.

In the early morning hours of August 27, the Alamosa Police Department was made aware of a break-in at J&J Rental Center in Alamosa where a 1997 Chevy pickup and multiple power tools were stolen.

“They broke into the business, took the power tools, stole the truck and fled,” Alamosa Police Chief Duane Oakes said.

The local police department identified two suspects and has warrants out for them here and in Texas, where the suspects are believed to have fled. Wanted in connection with the burglary are Steven Neumeyer, 38, who had been living in Alamosa but is from Plano, Texas and is believed to be in Texas currently, and Perla Valdivia, 36, also believed to be in Plano, Texas.

Two days following the break-in, on August 29, the Plano Police Department located the Chevy pickup in a parking lot at a motel in Plano, Texas, Oakes said. The truck was recovered and impounded.

However, because of differences in how warrants are handled between Colorado and Texas and the time it took to enter a nationwide warrant for the two suspects, they were able to get away before being apprehended. The two are still at large and the tools have still not been recovered, according to Oakes.

Oakes said the suspects are still believed to be in Plano, Texas, or at least in Texas.

Oakes said this is the second time in about a year that the same Chevy pickup was stolen. He said about a year ago someone broke into the business, found the keys to the truck hanging in the office and stole the truck.

Chief Oakes said police heard rumors there might have been another break in to a nearby business about the same time J&J Rental was broken into, but the business did not report it. He encouraged anyone who has been the victim of a crime to contact the Alamosa Police Department at 589-2548 or 425 Fourth Street.