Suspects arrested in local mail thefts


ALAMOSA —The Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office has arrested suspects in connection with recent mail thefts.

On Wednesday, February 14 the Alamosa County Sheriff's Office received photographic evidence of an alleged suspect vehicle committing a theft from a mailbox in Alamosa County. With this photograph, deputies were able to determine the make and model of the vehicle and partial identification of some of the passengers inside it, the sheriff’s office stated on Tuesday.

On Friday, February 16 Deputy Paul Gilleland and Deputy Nick Smith located the vehicle at Wagon Wheel Trailer Park located at 8719 US. 285 Space A-15, Alamosa. While contacting the occupants, deputies observed several items of mail belonging to residences near the reported thefts in the back of the car.

When deputies entered the residence, they were in contact with Ann Morgan and Sarah Jimenez. Inside the residence were items of mail, credit cards, blank checks, drivers’ licenses, IRS Tax Return information, checks made out to multiple individuals with a totaled value of approximately $5,000 and a Cabela's credit valued near $20,000 that  had been used to place multiple orders.

While speaking to the suspects, both suspects placed themselves in the vehicle at the time of the photographed thefts with a third party identified as Felicia Quintana. All evidence was collected and initial inventory of that evidence shows approximately 43 separate victims of mail theft, identity theft, check fraud, check forgery, and several other felony level crimes spanning victims from four different counties including Alamosa, Rio Grande, Conejos, and Saguache County.

Ann Morgan and Sarah Jimenez are being held at the Alamosa County Detention Center with a total bond of $100,000. Quintana has not been located at this time. A warrant has been requested for her arrest.

If anyone believes themselves to be victims of mail theft, please contact the Alamosa County Sheriff's Office.