SLV Regional Airport looks at new fuel suppliers


ALAMOSA- San Luis Valley Regional Airport Manger Dustin Allinger went before the Alamosa County Commissioners on Wednesday to get approval to negotiate proposals for new fuel supplier.

Allinger has been preparing for proposals due on Friday.

Each proposal includes services the community needs, fuel for departing planes, and coverage for medical services, air carriers and helicopters.

So far the airport has received two proposals from Phillips 66 Aviation and Avfuel, the current fuel supplier. Both proposals are similar, but the main difference is roughly 10 cents.

Allinger said he wants to pick the one that will be most beneficial to the airport and the county.

Along with the proposals, the airport will have four new part time jobs that will compete 102 hours of work. Three of those jobs will be for jet refueling and marshaling where the plane goes and the fourth job will be at the front desk welcoming people who come in. 

These positions are part time only and will be 12-hour workdays with hours on the weekends. This will only last for a couple of weeks until the work is completed.

In more airport news, Eagle Air Med has extended its lease for an airport hanger for another five years after being here for 11 years. There was a raise in price $250 for month-to-month making the new payment $3,250.

Kristin Hicks is an intern at The Valley Courier.