Sheriff Warwick seeks re-election


SAGUACHE COUNTY — Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick recently announced he is running for re-election this November, urged on by the encouragement of family and friends.

Some had speculated Warwick might not run for a second term.

Prior to his election in 2014, Warwick served for nine years as Saguache County undersheriff and was promoted to lieutenant during that time. He is a 21-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and also served as interim police chief for four of the nine months he spent with the Center Police Department.

Warwick is married, raised three boys and has lived in the San Luis Valley since 1985.

“I decided to run for sheriff because I want to help, the best way I can, the citizens of Saguache County and those that may come to visit Saguache County,” he said. “I will not stand idly by while the criminal element takes over this county.”

The sheriff’s office needs “a full staff and a new jail,” Warwick emphasized. Following the failure in 2014 of the sales tax initiative that would have paid for a new jail, he continues to explore ways to fund a jail for the county.

“I have heard from many of the citizens that the response time from the sheriff’s office is poor and many times feel that they feel the sheriff’s office does not care about their problems,” Warwick explained. “Victims can’t wait hours for their calls to be answered.” He attributes this to a lack of funds for adequate staffing at the sheriff’s office.

Warwick says he has fought an uphill battle to maintain a full staff and has been hamstrung by county budget constraints. He hopes to make some progress over the next few years in obtaining better funding to increase staffing and better service the county.

“I will do everything possible to ensure that the citizens are provided with prompt and professional law enforcement,” he promised. “People should also be held accountable for their acts.”

Warwick’s main concerns this election cycle include containing illegal marijuana grows, proper policing of legal grows and obtaining proper funding to do both. Some have complained that illegal grows reported to the sheriff’s office are not being investigated. Warwick explained that this is due to a lack of proper staffing and the county’s failure to sufficiently recognize safety concerns.

Those who wish to bring matters to Warwick’s attention may contact him at warwickforsheriff on Facebook. Those who wish to converse privately also may send a personal message through that account.