Sargent to host Custer County and Hoehne


Lainie Dillon (5) goes vertical for an attack in Sargent's 3-0 victory over the Center Vikings on October 5th. Dillon leads the Farmers in kills with 141. (Courier photo by Stephen Jiron)

ALAMOSA— This year the Farmers went 12-0 in their district good enough to take the conference and to host District One’s tri in the District finals of 2A volleyball. The Farmers have done well off the efforts of their attackers Lainie Dillon- 141 kills, Allison Harrison- 86 kills and KaDee Crowther- 77 kills.

Defensively freshman Ashlyn Griffin led the Farmers with 20 total blocks while Harrison and Corynne Pepper registered 12 and 10 respectively.

This Saturday they will be hosting fellow district team Custer County and the Hoehne Farmers. Custer County has fielded a 13-10 record on the season and edged out Sanford as one of the three teams to represent District One by .008 RPI percentage points. They have one of the most dangerous servers in Colorado in Elizabeth Mullet. Mullet is placed number eight in the state in aces with 74, which she got off 379 serves at a rate of 19.5 percent.

Mullet is also efficient on the attack with a team leading 243 kills followed closely by teammate fellow senior McKensie Penkoff with 242. Penkoff is a strong defensive contributor with a team leading 33 total blocks.

The second team attending this weekend’s Tri will be Hoehne. Hoehne posted a 12-2 record this season. Those two losses came at the hands of district member Swink, giving them the head to head in case of a tiebreaker. When all was said and done that ended up being the case. Swink and Hoehne wound up tying at 12-2 giving Swink the Santa Fe district while Hoehne was given a lower seed.

The Hoehne Farmers are a dangerous team as well with Shaelyn Walton. Walton is tied for 19th in the state with 302 kills. But the Farmers real strength lies in their defensive abilities. As a team they have amassed 336 total blocks. 206 are credited to Walton who is number one in the state and according to MaxPreps 36th in the nation in blocks. The Sargent Farmers welcome Hoehne and Custer County Saturday Nov. 4 at 11 a.m.