Rep. Martinez seeking re-election in 2024


DENVER — In a press release sent to the Valley Courier, Representative Matt Martinez (D) has announced his intention to run for re-election in November 2024. He represents District 62, which includes all six counties in the San Luis Valley as well as Huerfano and Pueblo.

Martinez is a 7th generation Colorado native, a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served during Operation Iraqi Freedom and an alumni of Adams State University.

Martinez was first elected to represent Colorado House District 62 in 2022. He was appointed as the Vice Chair of the House Education Committee and sits on the House Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Committee and the Joint Select Committee on Rising Rate Increases.

“It’s been an honor and privilege to represent the people of the district and rural Colorado, and I want to continue being the voice for Southern Colorado that is much needed in Denver,” Martinez says.

Although Martinez has been in the legislature less than a year, his first year in office led to passage of meaningful legislation with significant bi-partisan support.

He was the lead sponsor on HB-1037, which grants early release from the Department of Corrections for non-violent offenders for certificates and degrees that they earn while incarcerated.

He also sponsored SB-205, establishing a $25 million dollar scholarship fund for high school seniors seeking a degree for in-demand job fields.

SB-291, another bill Martinez sponsored, added accountability for utility companies in response to the high natural gas rates citizens experienced in the winter of 2022.

Martinez also passed HB-1088 which provides Veterans in state nursing homes mental health resources at no cost to the Veteran.

HB-1093 allows for higher educational staff members to take sabbaticals without using their leave time.

Martinez also passed two bills that will provide enhanced, more easily understood data related to recidivism rates and re-entry programs currently being provided by the Colorado Department of Corrections and probation departments.

 “I am proud of the legislation that I have passed that will directly impact Southern Colorado,” Martinez says. “From ensuring that Veterans have improved mental health care that won’t cost them a dime to additional support for our rural higher education institutions and holding the utility companies accountable when it comes to rate increases, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and gotten to work for the people of Southern Colorado. 

“The work is far from over, and the San Luis Valley, Huerfano and Pueblo still need a strong voice in Denver. I want to continue to fight to ensure that Southern Colorado always has a voice and a seat at the table,” he said.

Out of Martinez’s 10 bills that passed, 80% were bi-partisan. He also had two bills that were passed unanimously out of both chambers, a rare feat for any legislator.

“I have dedicated my entire life to public service, to being the voice for the underserved, advocating and influencing change, and above all, listening to the needs of the people. I will continue to be your champion, your fighter and above all else, your voice in Denver,” he said.