Prescribed burn set at dunes


MOSCA — The National Park Service plans to burn several piles of woody debris at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve this winter. The piles will only be burned if and when the ground and adjacent fuels are sufficiently wet from rain or snow, and these wet conditions are present until the burning is completed.

The piles consist of dead woody material from previous hazard fuels reduction projects. These projects reduce fuels around park infrastructure and park boundaries directly adjacent to the private land since this fuel load represents a wildland fire hazard within these areas. The project will reduce the threat of fire to private homes and help protect the plants, wildlife, and important resources in the park.

The piles will be ignited by firefighters and monitored until they are completely out. Local residents and park visitors may see open flames and/or smell smoke in the vicinity of the park during the burn. The project is anticipated to be completed over the course of five days.

Prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information see

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For more information regarding the prescribed burn, contact Chief Ranger Dale Culver at 719-378-6321.