Parra sentenced for assault, drugs


ALAMOSA — Enrique Parra, 38, Alamosa, pleaded guilty to third degree assault and possession of a drug with intent to distribute for incidents occurring in 2017 on Monday (counts 3 and 5) in district court in Alamosa.  The court found there was a factual basis and that the pleas were entered freely and voluntarily.

As part of the plea agreement District Attorney Crista Newmyer-Olsen agreed to not file charges in an unrelated incident occurring September 9th, 2017. Other counts in this case as well as another case were also dismissed.

District Judge Michael Gonzales proceeded directly to sentencing on Monday. He sentenced Parra to nine years in the Department of Corrections for count 5 and 12 months in jail for count 3 to be served concurrently. The DA recommended nine years on the drug charge and 20 months on the assault charge. Parra’s attorney Donald Cutler asked the court to follow the DA’s recommendation to a stipulated sentence.

Parra did not speak during the sentencing.

The DA agreed to return money seized in connection with this case to Parra’s mother.

Parra was scheduled for a week-long jury trial, which was vacated.