No large trucks allowed in East Alamosa neighborhoods


ALAMOSA — Five-axle trucks will be able to drive around East Alamosa but they can no longer cut through the neighborhoods. Alamosa County Commissioners approved a resolution that places 10 weight-limiting signs in the area at Wednesday's meeting.

"It's dangerous, it's tearing up the roads and it's disrupting the neighbors," said Alamosa County Land Use Administrator Rachel Baird during a previous meeting on March 22. " There's undue deterioration because it's not designed for truck traffic."

Six signs will be placed where Sunnyside Lane, Curtis Lane, Tinkham Lane, McKinney Avenue, Johnson Road and Price Avenue meet Highway 17. One will be placed at the intersection of White Pine Drive and Highway 160. Three will be placed where Bonney Drive, Curtis Lane and O'Keefe Parkway intersect with White Pine Drive.

"The five axles vehicles are going from Highway 17 down Curtis all the way to Trinchera Lane and catching the highway down there," said Alamosa County Road and Bridge Director Tim DeHerrera in March. "I would like to keep it homey. There's two daycare centers there."

Each sign costs approximately $120 each.

The resolution limits single axle delivery trucks to a maximum weight of 10 tons. A tandem axle delivery truck, a garbage truck, or a single axle tractor-trailer will be limited to 25 tons. Land Use doesn't foresee any issues for residents until the new rules.

"Most RVs max out at 30,000 pounds so they will still be able to get into the neighborhood," said Baird.

If an overweight vehicle enters the area the Alamosa County Sheriff's Office will fine them with a Class B traffic infraction.