New programs, layout planned at SLV Museum


ALAMOSA — The Alamosa Marketing and Tourism Board heard an update on the San Luis Valley Museum from Joyce Gunn on Thursday night.

The number of visitors to the museum is holding fairly steady but there has been a slight drop in 2018 due to the Spring Fire. Art events at the museum have been successful with a turnout of 73 at the most recent one. The board was planning to do its annual duck derby but decided to cancel the event out of respect for the current drought situation.

There are also other projects that continue at the museum. The first is the ongoing involvement in research on the people group known as the Krypto-Jews. This was a portion of the Jewish community in Spain that fled because of the Inquisition. The story of the role this group played in the San Luis Valley continues to unfold.

The biggest project is the current re-configuration of the museum’s layout. The gift shop is being reorganized and the layout is being improved to have a better and more historically accurate flow to the exhibits. Dr. Richard Goddard from Adams State University has played a key role in this process. 

Funds are being set aside for needed work on the building’s foundation as well. There have been numerous recent gifts to the museum including a statue that depicts Saint Louis Rey, the Patron Saint of the San Luis Valley. More information is forthcoming on future events.

The San Luis Valley Museum continues forward and the Marketing and Tourism Board voiced their support for the work that is done there.