MV council clarifies position after Schlabach comments


MONTE VISTA — At the February 22nd Monte Vista city council meeting, interviews for city attorney candidates were held with former City Attorney Gene Farish, and current City Attorney Karen Lintott being interviewed. After the interviews were concluded, Councilor Joseph Schlabach read a prepared statement regarding Farish and Farish responded to those comments. The majority of the city council did not agree with Councilor Schlabach’s comments and as a body have issued the following statement:

“While Councilor Schlabach has the right to his opinions, those opinions of Mr. Farish are not shared by the rest of the council or our city. Mr. Farish has served this country and our community well for many years and we feel the personal attack from Mr. Schlabach was out of bounds. His statements went well beyond what we would consider civil discourse and we feel they were unwarranted and less than professional.”