Motorway RFP process suspended


ALAMOSA — The Alamosa Local Marketing District and Tourism Board voted to officially suspend the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the motorway building at their meeting on Thursday night.

The decision comes after an extensive process and reviewing of proposals. The Motorway Committee found that none met the required tourism component to a satisfactory degree.  As a result, the committee recommended to the rest of the board that the RFP process be officially closed.

There were three proposals that had been submitted.  They came from the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad, the Center for Hemp Innovation and Valley Marketplace. Each of the proposals had potential but was ultimately not what the committee found to be a fit. The board voted unanimously to suspend the process and re-evaluate the options for the motorway.

Other items of note included the board’s acceptance of the resignation of Jeff Owsley. The reason given for Owsley’s departure is a scheduling conflict of the meetings with a new employment opportunity that he has recently taken. The board expressed that he will be missed. The process of filling the vacancy will now be turned over to the county.

Upcoming events such as “Santa at the Depot,” and the Rio Frio Ice Fest were also discussed. Preparations for the 2019 season are also underway.