Local fighters get job done at High Altitude Faceoff VIII


ALAMOSA—With hundreds in attendance, Nemesis Promotions kicked off the first annual Angelo Duarte Wrestling Scholarship fights. With local talent Omar Gonzalez, Isaac Lopez and Sonny Yohn billed the fights were an event that drew a great crowd for a great cause.
Omar Gonzalez versus Stephen Robinson

Robinson stepped in to fill the vacancy left by Mark McDill for Robinson’s first amateur fight. For the Co-Main event Gonzalez has plenty of experience having gone 4-2 in his amateur career. Gonzalez stayed busy immediately. After a take down attempt resulted with Robinson in top control, Gonzalez tucked his head in to avoid the inevitable shots.
Robinson fired off at the back of Gonzalez’ head and referee Tom Johnson was forced to stand them up to warn Robinson about punches like that. Gonzalez got another take down and began looking for submissions before settling on a leg bar attempt that closed out the first.
The second round featured a bevy of submission attempts from both fighters. Viewers saw leg bars, arm triangle chokes and even a kimora, none of which ended the fight.
Fighting from his back for the first two rounds Robinson was looking for a knock out in the third. He would get his opportunity when a right hand landed clean and knocked down Gonzalez. Robinson rushed in to finish the fight but just found himself fighting from his back again with Gonzalez taking control and the fight by unanimous decision.