LDS mission legacy continues with Palmer family


ALAMOSA — Jaci Palmer, daughter of Kip and Lucy Palmer, of Alamosa, recently returned home from serving a 19-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Palmer served a Spanish speaking mission in the Ecuador, Guayaquil North Mission and returned home March 2017.

The mission is located on the Equator by the ocean—very different from the San Luis Valley. Palmer relates that learning Spanish was hard, but once mastered, it was so good to be able to communicate with the people in that area. Palmer served several months in a small town in the northern part of the country, and shared that the people were “sweet, and they loved the missionaries.” She found the people to be welcoming, caring, and respectful. They were humble people and loved the Lord.

Palmer received her CNA while attending Alamosa High School, and this enabled her to use that knowledge and serve as the mission nurse. She helped care for the health needs of the missionaries, which ranged from stomach aches to dealing with parasites. She loved helping others. Palmer plans on working this summer and attending classes where she will pursue her love of nursing.

As Jaci arrives home, her younger brother Caleb is leaving for his mission. Caleb will graduate from Alamosa High School in May 2017. He will be serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in a different part of the world than his sister. Caleb has been called to serve in the Uganda Kampala Mission in Uganda, Africa. Caleb will be reporting to the Missionary Training Center located in South Africa, on July 27.   

Caleb Palmer, the youngest of the Palmer family, has earned his Eagle Scout badge and recognition as a State Cross-Country athlete. He loves working with others and tries to connect with individuals wherever he goes. He is looking forward to learning about a new culture, and curious as to how people live so close to the Equator with so much moisture. Caleb has always had a desire to serve a mission, and wants to share the peace and joy he has found in the Gospel with others. He hopes to help change people’s lives for the better.

Caleb reports that his family has been one of the greatest influences on his decision to serve a mission, and he wants to continue the legacy of missionary service established by his family. Caleb’s father, Kip, served a mission in Japan while his mother, Lucy, served in England. Caleb’s siblings have served all over the world too. His sister Beth served in California, while his brother Chad, served in New Mexico. Lastly, his brother Gavin served in Ghana, and his sister Jaci served in Ecuador. To say the least, this family has been heard around the world, and while they have taught many, they have learned much.