Judge Swift appointed to pretrial commission


DENVER – Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy E. Rice announced last week the formation of the Bail Blue Ribbon Commission to address Colorado’s pretrial release practices.

“With certain exceptions, bond is a right in the State of Colorado,” Chief Justice Rice said.

“Under the cornerstone concept of innocent until proven guilty, defendants are permitted certain freedoms while cases are heard in court. Equally important are the victims’ rights to know that adequate measures to keep them safe and informed are available through quality pretrial services programs. With those considerations, I have authorized this Bail Blue Ribbon Commission.”

The commission is charged with reviewing, evaluating and proposing recommendations for consideration by the Colorado Supreme Court to improve pretrial release practices throughout Colorado.

Chief Justice Rice has appointed the following people to serve on the commission for indeterminate terms:

  • Hon. Carlos A. Samour, Jr., Chair, Chief Judge, 18th Judicial District
  • Ms. Mindy Masias, Vice-Chair, Chief of Staff, Colorado Judicial Department
  • Hon. Mark Thompson, Chief Judge, 5th Judicial District
  • Hon. Pattie P. Swift, Chief Judge, 12th Judicial District
  • Hon. Patrick Murphy, Chief Judge, 17th Judicial District
  • Hon. James Hartmann, Chief Judge, 19th Judicial District
  • Hon. Ingrid Bakke, Chief Judge 20th Judicial District
  • Mr. Mike Garcia, Director of Probation Services, Colorado Judicial Department
  • Mr. Jeremy Botkins, Reporter, Senior Assistant Legal Counsel, Colorado Judicial Department
  • Mr. Terry Scanlon, Legislative Liaison, Colorado Judicial Department
  • Mr. Brad Kamby, Director of Arapahoe County Pretrial Services

Colorado Supreme Court Justices Brian D. Boatright and William W. Hood, III, will serve as ex-officio commission members and liaisons to the Supreme Court.

The commission anticipates calling upon various partners in Colorado’s criminal justice field to inform and advise the commission. It is the commission’s hope that this will be a collaborative endeavor among all of Colorado’s criminal justice stakeholders.