Fund set up for injured RG deputy


DEL NORTE — On Nov. 16 Rio Grande County Deputy Michael Pino took a call for service for a welfare check at a residence just west of Del Norte. The residence was secure with no indication of anyone having been at the residence recently.
Upon getting ready to clear the scene, Deputy Pino observed a second story door with the keys in the lock slightly open. Deputy Pino obtained a ladder from the property securing it to the second floor. Deputy Pino stated that upon entering the residence and stepping off the ladder, he slipped, trapping his right boot and pulling him out of the house. He fell 12 to 14 feet with his leg trapped in the ladder, shattering his knee when he hit the ground.
Deputy Pino stated that he immediately felt pain and knew something was broken because he couldn’t move. Deputy Pino stated that he barely had enough energy to call for help over the radio. When that call went out over the radio surrounding agencies immediately began responding — Monte Vista Police Department, Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Del Norte Police Department, coworkers from Rio Grande County and the Del Norte Ambulance.

Deputy Pino was rushed to Rio Grande Hospital in Del Norte where he was diagnosed with a tibia plateau fracture. Deputy Pino was flown via Eagle Air Med from Del Norte airport to Centennial airport then ground transported to Saint Anthony’s in Lakewood.
The family of Deputy Michael Pino thanks the community and friends and Brothers and Sisters in Blue and asks for continued support and prayers for a speedy recovery. Deputy Pino has had two surgeries since the accident with an estimated one more to go.
An aunt of Deputy Pino has set up a “Go Fund Me” account to help with any costs that are going to arise with traveling that workman’s compensation might not cover.