Frisch calls for Biden to withdraw


ALAMOSA — In a press release issued by his campaign late Tuesday morning, Western Slope businessman, Adam Frisch, Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Third Congressional District (CD3), released a video statement regarding the candidacy of President Joe Biden. Frisch has called on Biden to withdraw from the race.

Prior to the video’s release, Frisch contacted the Valley Courier with a script of the video, a release that was exclusive to just two other news outlets in the district.

The text of the video, released to the Valley Courier, reads as follows:

“Only in politics is stating the obvious rarely done,” Frisch said.

“It has been clear to me for some time - and the debate only reinforced it - neither candidate should be running for President. We need a President that can unite America to realize our nation’s unlimited potential.

“We deserve better. President Biden should do what’s best for the country and withdraw from the race. I thank President Biden for his years of service, but the path ahead requires a new generation of leadership to take our country forward.”

“The Frisch campaign remains focused on the central issues affecting residents of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District instead of partisan politics in Washington, D.C. There is far more that unites us than divides us. As I have said many times, I am not focused on Team Democrat or Team Republican, but Team CD3,” Frisch said.

Frisch then expanded upon his statement in a follow-up conversation with the Valley Courier.

“I have no idea, nor do I have any interest in how a convention works or what the rules are. I just know that there’s enough time, for the country’s sake, to try to figure out what I’ve talked about for a while. The country is much better off with open primaries for presidential elections.

“As far as who should be running, if the Vice President wants to run, great. If the other people whose names have been bantered around want to run, fine by me. I’m not focused on that. I don’t want to get involved in that.

“I want to get back as soon as possible to focus on rural aspects of health care, securing the border and getting pricing down for household expenses for those living in southern and western Colorado.

“As I’ve told you before,” Frisch said, “I don’t care who people vote for president or city council or who they voted for in 2016 or 2020 or whoever else is on the ballot. All I ask them to think about is who they want representing them in the House of Representatives and who they want to talk about rural health care and water and all those conversations that impact what goes on in our district. That’s what I’m asking people to think about. That’s the conversation I want to have.

“But given what’s happened over the past many months and especially last week,” he said, “and how many times I was asked by people in the district while I racked up over 57,000 miles, ‘Adam, you have the ear of a lot of people. You need to own that. People are very concerned, and it would be helpful if you spoke up’, I felt it was necessary for me to do that.

“So, I say make this statement with hesitancy but confidence that it’s the right thing to do for the country.”

Frisch went on to discuss the current state of politics.

“It’s certainly frustrating that there used to be one party, and rightly so, that got a lot of grief for saying one thing privately and another publicly. Now, I’m watching both parties say things privately that are completely different from what they say to the public. I’m probably going to be the least partisan person running and hopefully serving in Congress.

“I would like both parties to have new candidates, but I know, in one case, that’s definitely not going to happen. I appreciate that I owe some level of leadership about this, and I think there’s enough time for a variety of people to stand up, make a case and get unified to go forward.

“In 2023, when President Biden changed his position from being a one term president to a two term, I was concerned. As things went on, I was one of the 75 percent who did not want to see a rematch between those two candidates. I’ve been saying this for a while.”