Election results:


ANTONITO – The long-planned move of Antonito’s government from a metal building to the famed Warshauer Mansion received support in the town’s municipal election Tuesday.

Sales tax monies accounted for a good down payment on the huge home, and Town Administrator Rossi Duran said a grand opening would be held later this month. Housed there will be town government, the police department, road and bridge administration and more, including a new town park on the spacious grounds.

Asked for permission on Tuesday’s ballot to sell the current town hall and use the proceeds to pay down a loan on the mansion, 155 voters cast “yes” votes while 30 didn’t support the idea.

Town seats were up for election, including the post as mayor, which was handily won by incumbent mayor Aaron Abeyta by a margin of 151 to 83 for challenger Mike Roque.

Open seats went to the top four vote-getters, with Paul E. Jiron drawing 136 votes, Scott Lucero, 133, Wade George, 132 votes and Gerald Sisneros, 122. Running, but not receiving enough votes were Jurice Montoya, 115, Lawrence Atencio, 106 and Roxanne T. Madril, 102.

Other elections

Municipal election results indicate the following results throughout the San Luis Valley:

In South Fork unofficial results were too closet to call between town trustee candidates Michele Cruse and Becki Helmstetler who each received 83 votes. The remaining three trustee seats went to Tyler Schmidt with 106 votes, Jim Patterson with 96 votes and Sarah Stephens with 89 votes, while Current Mayor Rodney Reed was re-elected to his position with 119 votes.

In Creede, the town board will welcome one new member. Candidates Dana Brink with 111 votes, Joel O’Connell with 106 votes and Frank Freer with 103 votes were chosen by constituents to fill the three vacant seats on the city board. Brink and Freer have been serving on the board, while Freer is new to the post.

The Town of Del Norte will also welcome one new member to their board. The election preliminary results are as follows: Annette Archuleta won with 106 votes, Laura Anzalone with 106 votes and Bob Muncy with 99 votes. Anzalone is a newcomer to the board.

The towns of Saguache and Moffat welcomed new trustees following the Tuesday election. Saguache saw their old board replaced with three of the four trustees who resigned last year returning to office. Elvie Samora was re-elected mayor, receiving 131 votes to Mike Wheeler’s 58. Julian Miller received six votes for mayor.

Amber Wilson received 152 votes and Wyoma Hansen received 142 votes. Both will serve four-year terms. Serving two year terms are Loren Aldrich, 132 votes, Janice Torrez, 123 votes and Randy Arredondo, 122 votes.

Terry Gillette and Timothy Chittum were not re-elected to office, receiving 112 and 102 votes respectively. The vote count is unofficial until certified by the town, Town Clerk Iris Garcia said. A total of 199 ballots were cast in the election.

New trustees Norma Howard and Paul Howard were sworn in Tuesday, joining current Moffat trustees Tyler Berger, Brian Morgan, Michael Raymond Miller and Zach Schwartz. Patricia Reigel serves as mayor of Moffat.

The Howards were appointed to the board, replacing previous trustees Kenneth Skoglund II and Betty Skoglund.