District enrollment projected to increase


ALAMOSA — Though Alamosa School District’s October head count is nine students lower than last year, the Colorado Department of Education projects an increase of 47.2 students. Head count and enrollment numbers are used to calculate funding for public schools.

Alamosa School District Superintendent Robert Alejo told the news to the board of education during their Monday night meeting. A head count only tracks attendance on one specific day of the year, as opposed to counting the number of students that go throughout the school year.

“There is a reason I always emphasis that it is a head count,” Alejo said. “We were at 2,341 heads in October 17, 2016. When I ran the numbers today, which is the official count day, our head count is 2,332.” The CDE allows for a five-day before and after window for districts to prove enrollment.

For grades K-2 the count dropped by 21 students since 2016. Second grade increased while kindergarten lost 20 students between years.

For grades 3-5 the count stayed the same at a total of 560 students, with third grade increasing while fourth and fifth grades decreased to balance it out.

In grades 6-8 there was a total increase of three students. Eighth grade saw the most new students whereas the number dropped for sixth and seventh grades.

There was an increase of nine students at the high school, even though the underclassmen grades saw a drop of 30 students.

However, the full-time enrollment count is projected to be 2,280.7 students, up from last year’s 2,233.5 total. When calculated out this year’s total funded pupil count is expected to be 2,392. Last year the total funded pupil county was 2,348.9. The reason for the numbers to have a fraction of a pupil is because some students, such as kindergarteners, aren’t counted as full-time pupils.

The head count is expected to be finalized around the end of November. Officials hope the numbers remain positive for the budget.

“We’re projected to have $17.5 million and change revenue source this school year,” said Alejo.