Crowther seeks re-election as treasurer


CONEJOS COUNTY — Mack M. Crowther has announced his intention to seek re-election as Conejos County Treasurer.

Crowther was first elected to the office of county treasurer/public trustee in 1991. He is a life-long resident of Sanford and will be running on the Republican ticket.

“It is an honor to serve in this capacity and I enjoy my work along with the opportunity of serving the public each day. I have sure appreciated the support of the citizens of Conejos County,” he said.

Crowther stated, “I feel the treasurer’s office continues to run very well. We have an updated website: that people can access for internet tax payments. We continue using ENotices online to give the public the choice of receiving their tax notice electronically or continue to receive their notice by mail. We also have the capability for other departments within the county to have people pay for their services by credit card, debit card or e-check. We are always looking for cost savings to individuals and the county as there are more electronic conveniences available all the time and we try to share those with our tax payers.”

He added, “We have good solid investments including our local bank where I have followed a well-developed Treasurer’s Investment Policy of prudent objectives of safety, liquidity, and yield. Each year‘s tax collections have been just over 99 percent as part of my fiduciary duty to all the tax collecting entities within Conejos County. Also for everything to work effectively it takes the cooperation of everyone and I enjoy working with the other departments and elected officials here in Conejos County. They are really great people. I have one deputy and she does an excellent job. I sure appreciate her and her dedicated work. “

Crowther is a graduate of Adams State College with a degree in accounting and business computer systems. He has been very involved at the state level concerning the treasurer’s office. He is a past president of the Colorado Public Trustees Association, was named Treasurer of the Year in 1994, past treasurer of the executive board of the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association and is currently a Certified Treasurer by CCTA.

Locally in his community Crowther has served as a board member of the Conejos County Housing Authority in La Jara for five years, served for eight years on the Board of Education of Sanford Public Schools, and is a past member of the loan review board of the SLV Development Resource Group. He is also a very accomplished pianist.