Community shows their love for law enforcement


ALAMOSA — Red met blue this Valentine’s Day. A crowd of Alamosa County officials, employees and citizens gathered on the corner of Main Street and West Avenue in Alamosa with handmade signs to show their support of local law enforcement.

Sponsored by the Alamosa County C.R.A.A.F.T. Committee, which County's Really Awesome Activities Formation Team, the event was created to show that people still support officers in light of the recent shootings in Colorado.

Since Dec. 31 three separate incidents resulted in 10 officers shot, with three killed, throughout the state. The Alamosa community honked their horns at the demonstrators, endorsing the heartfelt message.

"They have a hard, many times dangerous, job," said Alamosa County Administrator Gigi Dennis. "We want the men and women in blue to 'feel the love' of the community."

Caption: From left to right are Jason Kelly, Joleen Trujillo, Wilma Paddock, Tanya Anthony, Dylan Brown, Alamosa County Sheriff Robert Jackson, Helen Sigmond, Linda Smith, Michael Yohn and David Strawn.