Blanca church replanted


BLANCA — Calvary Blanca, formerly United For Christ Community Church, has roots that go back to 1902 with a vision to reach this small town.

The congregation first met above a community business, then gathered to build their own church structure, which is one of the San Luis Valley’s oldest churches.

United for Christ Community Church has impacted and touched many lives over its history, but now it is at a crossroads in its outreach and effective ministry within the community, say congregation members who describe the process as “replanting.”

Calvary Churches describe planting as comparable to finding new life for a dying plant, replanting it in another way so it will grow and thrive once more.

In light of this, “Blanca – with united hearts – has seized the opportunity to replant with the Calvary Family of Churches. There is an incredible opportunity for God’s glory to continue to shine forth from Calvary Blanca by making Jesus impossible to ignore in Blanca and to the ends of the earth.”

During the transition time the congregation is worshipping at 11 a.m. Sundays, gathering a core team, and making the necessary preparations to launch this new church. Calvary Church Blanca will be functioning as a campus of Calvary Church – Littleton.