Bighorns put on show near Wagon Wheel Gap


A group of Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep drew a crowd of onlookers midday on Sunday as they meandered around Highway 149 south of Creede, near the entrance to the 4UR Ranch. Several trophy class rams were strutting themselves in front of ewes and yearling lambs as breeding season nears.

One big fellow worked on putting some fat away for the long winter months before jumping the nearby fence between he and the highway.

A yearling Bighorn lamb displayed its ability to negotiate the rocky inclines around Wagon Wheel Gap, playfully ascending the rocks and back down again.

Keeping a watchful eye on a nearby ewe as well as others near him, one large ram regularly checked his surroundings to see if he would have any challenges for his growing harem.

A nearly full-curl ram had little trouble clearing the fence along Highway 149 to escape the pursuit of photographers.