ASU closer to probation removal


Staff Report
ALAMOSA — In January The Higher Learning Commission site visiting team recommended removing Adams State University from academic probation and now the Institutional Action Council concurs with the team’s findings.
The university received the good news on Thursday after Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Margaret Doell, Chief Financial Officer Heather Heersink, and Interim President Matt Nehring went to present to the IAC in Chicago on April 23.

Like the findings from the HLC’s team, three out of five criteria were met while two—involving improving general education and financial stability—were “met with concern.” The recent $2.7 million in cuts and were made to address those concerns and according to the report the IAC “believes that while the financial challenges facing Adams State University are substantial, the institution is prepared to move forward and make the difficult decisions to improve the financial issues.”
Both the HLC’s visiting team recommendation and the IAC’s report still need to be acted upon the HLC board during their June 28 and 29 meeting.
A follow up visit with the HLC team will be required in June 2020 and the IAC have requested two reports, each addressing the educational and financial criteria, by the same date.
“While the final outcome remains to be determined by the HLC Board,” said Nehring
in an email to faculty and staff on Thursday, “We are buoyed by today’s news and our cautious optimism continues...While there is still work to be done, the IAC recommendation is an additional ray of hope.”
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