Assessor seeks re-election


CONEJOS COUNTY — Naomi Martinez-Keys has announced her intent to seek re-election as the Conejos County Assessor. Naomi is a life-long resident of Conejos County and is currently a resident of Fox Creek along with her husband Randy. Naomi attended high school at Centauri and went on to graduate from Adams State College with a degree in accounting and computer science. 

Key’s number one goal as county assessor is to sustain fair and equitable values on all properties per the State of Colorado guidelines for all property owners in the county. She feels that she and her staff have done an excellent job in meeting those guidelines. Naomi holds a real estate appraisal license and works to continually educate herself with regard to property valuation changes.   

Keys has served on the board of the San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority since its implementation. She has also been active in the Colorado Assessor’s Association having served on its board for four years, being president of the Association in 2011. 

Her office has implemented a website for her office in which people are able to see aerial views of properties within the county, search for owners of property along with other information pertaining to that property. 

Keys enjoys working with people and strives to take the time to listen and correct any issues as needed. She has an open door policy and encourages people to come in and discuss any issues they may have. She enjoys learning and always helping to try to improve the community and Conejos County. 

“It would be an honor to serve the people of Conejos County and I ask the community for their continued support as I seek re-election,” she said.