Antonito project receives funding


ANTONITO — Mayor Aaron Abeyta was notified this week the town’s application for state Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance funds has been approved.

The project was reviewed based on a variety of factors such as its connection to energy impact, degree of need,, measurable outcome, amount of request, relationship to community goals, level of local match and community support, management capacity and readiness to go.

“Competition for these limited funds was Intense and there were many more requests than we had funds available, wrote Irv Halter, executive director.

“Congratulations! After thorough review, lam excited to offer a grant award in the amount of $1,000,000 for the installation of a full mechanical treatment system,” Halter wrote. “This grant offer is made from federal mineral lease proceeds.”

Expenditure of State funds prior to the contract being fully executed cannot be included in the contract budget or reimbursed by the state.

If a circumstance arises and a grantee must spend their match dollars sooner than the full execution of the grant agreement, Regional Manager Cristy Doon must be contacted immediately to discuss the need and find an appropriate solution.

“Per our program guidelines, this offer is valid for one year from the date of this letter,” Halter wrote.