Alamosa celebrates National Adoption Day


ALAMOSA COUNTY — On Friday, the 12th Judicial District paid respect to National Adoption Day at the Alamosa Judicial Center. Hon. Amanda C. Hopkins,12th Judicial District Chief Judge, presided over the events which were focused on kids and fun things for them to do outside on a glorious late fall day.

The kids had a petting zoo, a bounce house, and a small slide where they could release handmade car-like toys. The celebration was open to residents of the San Luis Valley.

In remarks before the outside activities, Hopkins offered personal and heartfelt words, "A lot of you already know, I'm an adopted child. You have probably heard me tell your kids, that being adopted means that you are such an amazing person, so special that that you could not imagine your family being whole without your children. What is sometimes failed to be honored, is being an adoptive parent. While I probably would have been OK if my stepdad had never adopted me and never become my real dad, I would not be the person I am today had he and my mom not made that choice. In the 30 years since my adoption, I can point to no single event that impacted my life for the positive as much. Without my parent's support and love, I can guarantee you that I would have not had the courage to be here and be the person that I am speaking to you today."

All the Alamosa County Commissioners, Vern Heersink, Arlan Van Ry and Lori Laske, attended to show their support of foster care and adoption. Laske read a county proclamation in honor of the day.

"This celebration in all 50 states will offer children the chance to live with stable and loving families and encourage other dedicated individuals to make a powerful difference in the lives of children through foster care and adoption," read part of the proclamation.