Why fight vaccination

I am an eighty eight year-resident of Alamosa, and until now I have never had the urge to reply to letters to the editor, but now, I feel compelled to voice my opinions concerning, the letter in the Saturday’s paper titled “Incoming Mandatory Vaccines for Health People, etc.” In all my years I have never been so upset by information which appeared in this letter. Most people working in the medical field understand the importance of the vaccines and the validity of their uses. The medical people responsible for this letter know better, in my opinion, and should not be Spreading misinformation to the people of the SLV. This is simply political.

I have extracted six misleading statements which I will try to explain:

1. ‘’Covid1 9 is not a pandemic”

For God’s sake. What have we been going through for the last year and a half? Thousands of people have died and many more extremely ill. Right now it is the non-vaccinated people who are spreading this virus. Facts verify this.

Misinformation is tearing this country apart. and letters this do not help. Right now, many In the southern states are being hospitalized because of the effects of taking

Ivermectin horse de-wormer, because they heard this on Fox News or Facebook. This is misinformation at its worse.

2. “Government is using Covid-19 as a weapon of control”

I am not sure what this means. The government is trying to control the virus, but why is this a weapon of control? This must be something they heard on the media. They are not coming after you. They are mandating health care workers get vaccinated. It makes sense that this group, especially, protect themselves and protect their patients. Common sense tells us this is a good policy. If these medical workers continue fighting this policy , they are in the wrong profession.

3. “It is not okay to have to have a passport to five in the United States”

You do not need a passport to live in the states unless you are leaving the country. If people are flying today, they must wear a mask, and if they are leaving the country they need a passport.. Your freedoms are limited. We do not have freedom to spread disease to others.

4. “We as Americans have the right to decide what goes into our bodies”

Yes, you do have this right as long it doesn’t affect other people. Non- vaccinated people an, spreading COVID to others, and that is our problem now. People are die needlessly.

5. “Many are dying after being vaccinated.”

This is a false statement. Two hundred million people have been vaccinated, and some of these people have gotten COVID but most vaccinated have not been sick enough to be hospitalized. There have been a few exceptions.

In closing, I hope the people in the San Luis Valley will follow science and do the right thing.

Keith L Fisher

Alamosa, CO