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My family was sure honored this week, by being able to help dedicate the flags in Centennial Park.  As I was working early Thursday morning getting some finishing touches done, Sergeant Dordan, with the Alamosa Police Department stopped by.  He told me he was an avid reader of my column (really bored, huh?) and he appreciated the support I have always given the police.  And then…bless his heart, he pulled out a lovely $100 dollar bill and gave it to me.

It was a wow moment!

Sergeant Dordan told me to put $50.00 towards the flag project, and then I should take Larry out for supper with the other $50.00—and when that was announced, Larry cheered.  However, needing to help out our daughter with her three children, while Adam Burns is off fighting fires, that romantic dinner suggestion became five loaded baked potatoes from Woody Q’s!  It was really a win-win for everyone involved.  If you haven’t tried those baked potatoes, you need to!

The Courier yesterday mentioned that Porter Realty had given me a check for $500.00.  It was actually the balance I needed to raise from my column last week.  It was $720.00—I was blown away!!  I have such good friends and supporters! 

With the $50.00 from Sergeant Dordan, and (not to be outdone by the police department), $100.00 from Sheriff Jackson, and $100.00 from Larry and Heidi Richardson, and also donations from Sandra Hostetter and Betty and Pat Brown, I decided to give $220.00 to Casey Martinez.  Sometimes you just get these signs, and you realize you need to go with the flow.

Sue and Don Kanen, Casey’s parents, had come by to say hi right before the flag dedication. Sue was on the phone with Casey so I got to say hi.  Her voice was so weak.  I had tears in my eyes, knowing that this next week begins the fight for her life.

A stem cell transplant.  I was honored to start a GoFundMe for Casey a few weeks ago.  Her goal was to pay off some of her medical bills from her first battle with cancer.  And now…I believe she wants/needs money to help take care of her two boys, should something happen to her.  Please read the following message posted on her Facebook page:

Five days ago…. Dear Friends, I had my consultation today for my stem cell transplant.  If you ever need a reality check on your mortality, sit through one of those and then literally sign your life away.  My courage is dwindling after today and I am soliciting all the prayers I can get. Statistics are just numbers and God is big.

No matter his plan I am choosing to trust, but today I am scared.  Thank you all for supporting and praying me and my family through this.  Casey

And so, Preston Porter, and all of you who have supported the flag project and beyond…thank you, for also helping me, help Casey.  It just reminds me (all of us) how precious life is, and how there are no guarantees for any of us!  I am continuing to take donations for Casey and her boys.  If you can’t financially donate, please include them in your prayers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meanwhile…are we all getting a little giddy…just knowing the political commercials are about to be done with?!  I am so tired of it all!  I’m tired of the lies and half-truths.  I’m tired of people being mean.  I’m tired of the name-calling.  I’m tired of the hollow promises from years past.  I’m tired of working, so that others can decide to camp and live off the system! Luckily, I love my store and what we are able to do in the community because of said store.  But…it is getting pretty old, really old! 

No matter who is elected, we all need to step up, and hold folks accountable!  We need to ask questions, and expect answers.  We need to let our officials know that grant money is NOT free!

Someone has to pay.  If you can’t do a project without grant money, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it?  Just a few final thoughts before Tuesday.  Anyone want to wager some bets??  Next week…all should be back to normal.

One more thing…on the street…I heard that the Walsh has been condemned.  I wonder what happens next.  Will the current owners have to pay for the demolition or will taxpayers have to foot the bill?  Will the folks who have been collecting the rent for years shoulder any responsibility?

And, how much higher do you think the trash can be piled behind the Walsh—in one of the dumpster areas?

Asking for a friend.


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