Valley Humane League’s transformation

ALAMOSA — The Valley Humane League (VHL) is transforming. As of May 15th VHL turned over the shelter operations to Dumb Friends League who are building a large shelter on the Airport Road in Alamosa and will run VHL at its present location until they open their doors.

VHL’s part of the deal was to purchase the land, which was made possible through the generous fundraising efforts of Dell Insurance and Ruby Slipper. VHL will still be a non-profit entity but will shift its focus from sheltering companion animals to raising awareness of their ethical treatment and preventing animal cruelty through a variety of educational outreach programs at local schools and in the wider community.

VHL has been in existence since 1979, starting in Lola Mottashed’s backyard. It has had many iterations since that time. Moving from the Mottashed homestead to Estrella for several years. Then, when the well of funds dried up that shelter was abandoned. Later, in 2013, VHL reinvented itself when a group of animal lovers opened the shelter in Alamosa. They renovated the old dog pound operated by Alpine Veterinary Hospital and is the site of the shelter today.

VHL is indebted to the wonderful people who donated to its causes over the years. Donations for the shelter came from all over the country including New York, California and Florida. Whenever the shelter had a need, whether than be Blessing the abandoned dog, money to support the new shelter, the community stepped up and donated money, supplies and time to make sure VHL could care for the shelter animals.

VHL is forever indebted to the Community members and ASU students came out regularly to walk dogs. The list of generous people in our community would take up more space than is allowed for this article. You all know who you are and what you did to help the dogs of the San Luis Valley. Thank You!