Valley Gardening: And other good stuff

Where in the heck has August gone?  I saw/heard an advertisement for the Early Iron Car Show coming up in TWO weeks and couldn’t believe it…until I looked at the calendar.  It really is happening two weeks from today.  You can’t miss it…over 500 vehicles all over town…it’s so great for the entire San Luis Valley.  Thanks to all who go into making this weekend happen.  It’s a huge job!!  So huge!

After checking out all the cars, take a break on Sunday and then get back to Cole Park on Monday, Sept. 2 (Labor Day) for the 4th annual Mellow Yellow Lemon Run.  This run is organized by the Cornerstone Christian Academy as a way to raise money for their school programs and also for a worthy cause/person every year.  For a couple of years it has been for Peyton Sanchez, but this year Peyton’s family suggested the money go to Aundre Chavez, 14 year old from Antonito, who was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Get to the park and enjoy the activities—you don’t have to run, be like me, and sit in the shade, watching the runners---it’s really hard work--lol. And donate, if you can.  Thank you!

I want to thank Mary Bond for bringing me some Iris—more work.  And also Laura Ast, for digging up some Iris from Mary Ann Mitchell’s garden.  Overjoyed…and I WILL get them planted this weekend.  If you are doing the same, get it done!  Usually Iris should be dug up and divided the beginning of August…but again, where does the time go?

I have been spraying a number of weeded areas this week.  Trying to get caught up before all the fancy cars get to town!  It’s a fine line as to spraying weeds, vs. pulling them.  When a weed gets to a maximum of 18” tall it should be pulled, in my humble opinion.  I recently came across a Kochia weed that was 4’ tall that had been sprayed—leaving a 4’ dead, ugly weed.  Guess I need to go back and pull it!

My challenge to Xcel has gone nowhere.  The weeds are still there, at the power station on Eighth Street.  Even after I paid extra on my bill—thinking the extra money would help pay someone to clean up their area, it didn’t get done.  The answer, as I learned at a City Council work session is to get on the City of Alamosa website and ‘turn them in’!  That’s my project for this weekend.  AND, I will continue working on my weedy areas!!

I learned something new this week—and here you thought I knew everything, right?  I trimmed the blooms off the Rocky Mountain Penstemon just below the old blooms.  I had never done it that way before.  I had always cut them way down to the ground.  I was very pleased to have a whole new blooming cycle—until last week, when it just got too warm for them.  Who said you can’t teach an old ‘woman’ new tricks?

Before I forget, you all know that I work with folks who have to do some community service.  It has been wonderful having the help this summer, especially in Mom’s Garden and at Society Hall.  AND, I have one of my workers painting the curb and gutter here in LODA!! It’s looking great, and we should be ready for the Artwalk the beginning of September.  Actually, we (I) are creating our own little Artwalk on the Southside.  Calling it the LODAART for Lower Downtown Alamosa ART ‘district’.  Has a ring to it, huh?

I mentioned last week that I had a petition here at the store, that was to recall Gov. Jared Polis.  I still have mixed feelings about it.  BUT…when I am threatened with ‘boycott’s’ because of having the petition, I have to say I am disgusted at what is happening in our country—from our city all the way up!!  I don’t agree with a lot of people, but I don’t call them names—unless I am willing to say it to their face.  Please correct me if you remember something I’m not!

Also, if you want to find the secret stash of chocolates at the San Luis Valley Federal Bank come by and get the password.  Michelle, at the front desk is hiding them!!  The chocolates are much better than the suckers on top of the counter. All you need is a passwor..from ME!