Valley Gardening

Well…I happened to drive through Pueblo on Thursday.  Just getting out of the car and feeling the intense heat—from the pavement and rocks (and overall temperature) took my breath away.  Made me understand all over again how if we all take out the grass and put down gravel—a/k/a xeriscaping, it will be MUCH hotter here in the VALLEY!

There a very, very few landscaping jobs I can remember that look good with rock/gravel landscaping.  When I see a new landscape around town, I think “wonder what that will look like in three years.”  And sometimes I think, especially when it is a large corporate type business, “how sad that they can’t put more green in our community.”  What is wrong with nice shrubs, and perennials?  What is wrong with taking/creating a little pride in our town?

Even when I have seen new buildings in town, and landscaping plans have to be presented in order to get the permits, the landscaping is usually dead/dying within a couple of years.  Where is the accountability?  What brings this to a head in my little mind is seeing the landscaping in larger cities.  The stores, and even gas stations, have to keep their landscaping beautiful!  Why is it not the same in Alamosa?  Why do we not have the same requirements in our small town that the cities do?  Why?

I better get after some of my weeding this weekend, if I’m going to keep complaining about other people’s landscaping.  I was caught up a week ago, but those damn weeds just love this hot weather.  The ones I will be battling this weekend is puncture vine—nasty little weed!  And very fast growing.  I think if you close your eyes, the puncture vine will grow one foot!  And it really will puncture your tires.  And it is brutal on your pets’ feet—brutal!!  If you are hoeing the vine, make sure you pick up the plant and dispose of it, as it will still pop off seeds if left in a pile to dry up.

I’m trying to research how much water a person should use on their lawn to keep it decent.  If you would share your recommendations with me, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  The Service in Action Sheets put out by Colorado State University recommend 2.5 inches and that is kind of where I stand, But I’d like to hear from you.  Please and thank you!!  Cutting back on water goes right along with mowing higher and fertilizing right!!  You can’t do one without the other.

By the time you read this I (and Larry) will have decided whether or not we will have an official petition to recall Gov. Jared Polis here at the store.  I have mixed feelings, and can’t say right now if I plan on signing the form.  I am getting educated on issues, that’s for sure.  The great thing about America is that I should be able to do this with no repercussions, right?  I invite you to exercise your rights and stand up for how you believe….WITHOUT calling the other side stupid, idiots, etc.  How did we get to the place we are right now?

As long as I am talking politics… Let me say that anyone wanting to have a job, can certainly get one right now.  The Hemp industry, in all its glory, has hired many, many people—and looking for more as the fall approaches.  I know…it’s probably hot, and not a lot of fun, but its work…and paying $15 an hour with benefits—that’s way more than I make most days as an independent business owner!!  When did work ever get the classification of having to be fun??

Meanwhile, I am getting ready to dig some of my Coronation Gold Yarrow and Yellow Rose bushes.  Are you interested?  Give me a call the day before, so I can get them good and watered!  P.S, They aren’t free.  I will accept donations for one of my charitable causes!!

And…next week at Society Hall, before the show on July 23, John Wilder, piano player extraordinaire, will be performing free from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.  He is so awesomely wonderful!!  Do you know of a young piano student who needs some inspiration—bring them to the show!  For more information, give me a call at 719-580-7838.