Unhappy with Alamosa from Wyoming

Growing up in Alamosa I understood the need to reconfigure Main Street to improve traffic flow, safety and expand the downtown area. During my recent visit, I was stunned at the current configuration of 3-4 blocks of Main Street. In any change there are three items that must and are usually satisfied; functionality, aesthetically pleasing and of course safety. This configuration for parklets, art, sitting etc., violates all three.

 Functionality is only for businesses that serve food, the remaining areas are an inefficient use of space and do not promote pedestrian traffic and are only useable four months during the year. As for aesthetically pleasing, the curb stops are ugly and look cheap. And lastly, to promote a safe downtown on-street parking is anything but safe. Opening a car door is a challenge. There is no buffer between the parked cars and the semi and vehicle traffic. Stepping out of a car with 3-4 feet of space and having a 40,000 lb semi and other vehicles blow by at 25+ mph is no better than when Main Street was two lanes each way with side parking.

 The architect, engineering firm or other that put forth this design (prior to a local vote) should have their license revoked for incompetence. And shame on the City of Alamosa for allowing this inept design put to a vote.


Darren Rogers

Sheridan, WY