Two city council members announce for election

ALAMOSA — During the Alamosa City Council meeting Aug. 7, Kristina Daniel and

Liz Hensley announced their candidacies for the upcoming November coordinated election.

Hensley said she is running for reelection in Ward 1. In the last four years “so much has happened” that has added to the quality of life of the residents of Alamosa, she said.  Adding that she has a “true passion for the council and wants to continue to serve the residents of the city. That and being the president of the Colorado Municipal League allows her to bring “a local voice to them” and their voice back to Alamosa.

Daniel has served in two capacities on the council. Once when she was appointed to fill a vacancy for a ward seat, and the second when she was appointed as the At-Large Councilor. Now she wants to be elected to the At-Large seat. The state boards she serves on also allows her to present the perspective of Alamosa.

Referring to the shootings last weekend in Texas and Ohio, Jan Vigil said that he grew up in El Paso, Texas. “Something needs to be done [about gun violence] so that this doesn’t happen again. This is becoming the new normal [in this country], and it’s not right.”

The board also passed a resolution honoring Valley-Wide Systems during National Health Center Week. Dr. Stacy Robin was at the meeting and accepted the proclamation.


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