Two arrested, charged in connection with human remains found in Los Sauces

Julius Baroz (photo above) and CJ Dominguez (photo below)

ALAMOSA – Officers with the Alamosa Police Department have arrested two men – Julius Baroz and CJ Dominguez, both of Alamosa – in connection with the homicide of Myron Robert Martinez, 37, of Del Norte. Martinez was identified among the human remains of three people uncovered by law enforcement near Los Sauces in Conejos County on November 17, 2020.

Thirty-year-old Julius Anthony (“Gato”) Baroz faces charges of Murder in the First Degree and Tampering with Deceased Human Remains. CJ Walter Dominguez, 27, faces charges of Tampering with Deceased Human Remains, Accessory to Murder in the First Degree and Second Degree Kidnapping.

Both are being held in the Alamosa County Detention Center on bonds of $250,00 and $100,000, respectively.

The 12th Judicial District also announced that Adre (“Psycho”) Baroz, 26-year-old younger brother of Julius Baroz, is facing felony charges of First-Degree Murder and Tampering with Human Remains in connection to the death of both Martinez and Shayla Hammel, 34, of Saguache.

Hammel was identified as the second set of remains found in Los Sauces.

These two charges are in addition to the seven felonies Adre Baroz has been charged with, including First Degree Murder and Kidnapping, in the alleged homicide of Selena Esquibel, 19, of Monte Vista. Baroz is being held in the Alamosa County Detention Center without bond.

The disappearance and subsequent deaths of Esquibel, Martinez and Hammel allegedly took place over a period of roughly two months and was followed, almost right on its heels, by law enforcement intensifying its investigation which led to the location of the sets of human remains and the subsequent multiple task force investigations that followed.

The events began on Sept. 3 when Esquibel was reported missing by her parents.

The arrest warrant for Adre Baroz indicates that a detective with the Alamosa Police Department was contacted not long after Esquibel was reported missing with information about her disappearance, including implicating Adre Baroz in her death. On Oct. 30, the arrest warrant states that a detective spoke with a confidential informant (CI) who was allegedly an eyewitness to the event. In addition to describing disturbing details of Esquibel’s death, CI makes reference to both Julius (Gato) Baroz and CJ Dominguez – not implicating them in connection to Esquibel’s death but stating that, after kidnapping her, Baroz took Esquibel to Dominguez’s house so he could speak with Gato before taking the young woman to “Ponch’s house” in Los Sauces. It further states that Gato, driving a different vehicle, followed Baroz, CI and Esquibel to Ponch’s house “but never made it as the vehicle he was in broke down.”.  According to the arrest warrant, it was “Ponch’s house” where Baroz shot and killed Esquibel.

On Nov. 6, less than a week after the arrest warrant states that the detective spoke with the confidential informant, Myron Robert Martinez was reported missing by his family, who had not been in contact with him since the end of October. 

On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, after not being in contact with Jenna Shayla Hammel since October, a family member reported the 34-year old woman as missing to the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, on Nov. 17, upon locating the three sets of human remains, a press conference was held where law enforcement officials with the Alamosa Police Department, Monte Vista Police Department, Conejos County Sheriff’s Department and Colorado Bureau of Investigation announced finding three sets of human remains. It was also announced Adre Baroz was a suspect in the case and an arrest warrant had been issued for homicide,

Two days later, on Nov. 19, Adre Baroz was apprehended and arrested by law enforcement officials in a motel in Gallup, New Mexico.

On Dec. 5, the first set of human remains were identified as Myron Robert Martinez. Although specific circumstances surrounding his death could not be determined, “foul play was suspected.”

On Dec. 14, Adre Baroz appeared in court and was charged with seven felony counts in the death of Selena Esquibel.

On Dec. 29, the second set of human remains were identified as Shayla Hammel.  Again, foul play was suspected in her death.

And on Jan. 18, 2021, arrests were made and charges were filed in all three cases.

The third set of human remains found in Los Sauces have yet to be identified, but the CI account of events described in the arrest warrant for Adre Baroz – the document that also describes how law enforcement officials were initially led to the site where the remains were found – strongly suggest they are the remains of Selena Esquibel. 

Also, it’s been reported that Francisco “Ponch” Ramirez was arrested in Pueblo on federal charges related to trafficking weapons and drugs and might be related to the case. CBI Communication Director Susan Medina stated, “Although there is a mention of a possible connection to the human remains case in Ramirez’ warrant, it should be stressed that his arrest is unrelated to the investigation.”

All charges against defendants continue to be accusations until proven otherwise in a court of law.


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